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In the film ‘The Dark Knight’ the director, Christopher Nolan, uses many significant scenes throughout the film to present certain themes and ideas to the audience. To do this, Nolan skilfully uses a variety of techniques to present these ideas, which help to develop and craft the narrative. One of the most important scenes in ‘The Dark Knight’ which uses a number of these film techniques is The Party Scene
An important technique used in The Party Scene is the Camera Work. Half way through The Party Scene, The Joker is seen holding a knife to Rachel’s head, as he recounts his terrifying past. The camera in the scene circles around the two, with a slight low angle, and ...view middle of the document...

This is used to demonstrate the contrast between the Joker and Batman. The present silent stillness whenever the Joker is on screen makes it seem as if he were the only one in the room. This demonstrates the Jokers dominance over the people in the room and the people of Gotham in general. This slow paced, stillness compares the Joker to some kind of predator as the people in the room ‘play dead’ like helpless victims as the Joker slowly stalks his prey around the room. This shows everything the Joker represents, fear, dominance and the “new class of criminal”
One of the most important pieces of dialogue in The Party scene is when the Joker grabs an old man as he says “We aren’t intimidated by you thugs”. This line is very significant as it presents many themes within ‘The Dark Knight’. This man is not backed up by anyone else who is in the room, as they are all far to scared, to say or do anything. This shows that the people in the room and Gotham in general are intimidated by the Joker, and that he is not simply an everyday “thug”. Because the one brave man is not backed up by anyone else, the theme that the people of Gotham would rather protect themselves than anyone else is first introduced. This is significant as it foreshadows the Joker using this concept later on in the film by giving the people on two separate boats the detonators to each other

The symbolism within The Party scene is clearly visible. This scene really conveys the Jokers ‘hands on’ approach to crime. The Joker intimidates and threatens the people in this scene with a knife, and gets right up in their faces as he does it. This shows how the Joker loves to get as personal as possible when dealing with his enemies. When the Batman makes a surprise...

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