The Day I Can't Remember Essay

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The Day I Can’t Remember
I couldn’t believe it when my boss said I’d be making a music video with The Script, it was going to be epic. After all I had only been working with “Rocking Records” for a couple of months, it was my dream to be a famous music producer. Little did I know that this would be my first and my last music video, I was going to go on a wild goose chase that would soon become my life.
It all started that Monday, in Dublin city centre, we had decided to meet the boys in Starbucks on Grafton Street where the video was to be filmed, the Garda had cordoned off the street so that we didn’t have screaming fans attacking the lads while we were filming. I had ordered a caramel ...view middle of the document...

The first half of the video was a great success and soon we were stopping for lunch, just as the lads walked off to get food there was a huge bang followed by a howl of pain.
I whirled around and was met by a sight that would surely haunt me for the rest of my life. John was lying face down with one of the huge speakers pining him to the pavement. I shouted the first thing that came into my head:
“Someone call an Ambulance”.
Danny whipped out his blackberry and dialled 112 and I heard him hurriedly telling the operator about the situation and where we were. I walked over to John, I slapped a hand over my mouth, I didn’t know what to expect but I was thinking along the lines of blood everywhere, that, however was not the case. Instead of blood oozing out, there was this thick green slime slowly running down the road. I backed away, horrified at what I saw.
I looked around at my colleagues to see their reactions to the disgusting sight but nobody else seemed to think the green stuff was odd. I could hear the ambulance in the distance; I wondered what they would make this situation.
I stared at John until the EMT’s got there, one of them went over to assess John and the other seemed to be looking for someone in charge, Sam seemed to have waved him over to me.
“Excuse me ma’am, are you in charge?” he asked politely. He seemed to realise I was in shock and straight away asked me to sit down.
“Can you tell me what happened?”
“Umm, there was a bang and I turned around to...

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