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The Day Of The Triffids Essay

3551 words - 15 pages

1. General information:

a. Title of the book: “Day of the triffids”
b. Written by: John Wyndham
c. The writer is English
d. The book was first published in 1951

2. Summary:

Chapter 1: “The end begins”
The “I” person is in a hospital because of an accident he had a few days earlier. He has his head completely in bandages, because his eyes were severely wounded in the accident and this was an attempt to restore them. Because of that he is just one of a few people who missed a great spectacle: the passing of the earth through comet debris. When he wakes up the next day, he feels that something is terribly wrong: no sound of traffic and although it’s already eight o’clock, ...view middle of the document...

Because “I” was stung by a immature Triffid, and, because of that had no poison in his body, he had become very interested in the things and spend a lot of time investigating them, in fact, he had made his job of it. He grew them for the company to extract the valuable oil. That’s how he got in the hospital: one of the Triffid stung him unexpectedly: in a way the Triffid saved his life.
Chapter 3: “The groping city”
“I” leaves the bar he was in and walks to the centre of London to asses the situation. All over the place are blind people grovelling across the street in an attempt to find some food. With his head still full of “old” values, “I” attacks a man, who is sighted as well, who is grabbing women for the blind men in his group.
Chapter 4: “Shadows before”
As “I” walks trough the streets he hears the scream of a woman. He follows the sound and investigates. He sees a young woman who is being captured by a man, who is hitting her with a stick. Because the man is blind, “I” has no trouble rescuing the girl. Her name is Josella and she could see as well. She had gone to town to find a doctor for her father, who was also blinded, but she now knew that it would be futile to look any further. She returns to her house, together with “I”. When they arrive at the house, they see a person lying on the ground in front of the house. Next to him, a Triffid is standing motionless, waiting for it’s next victim. When they get into the house, they find out that Josella’s father is also killed by a Triffid, which is still in the house. They escape with a car and drive back to the city centre.
Chapter 5: “A light in the night”
In the centre, they see some Triffids driving people together. Alarmed by this, the first thing they do, is to get some Triffid guns. After that, they find some clothes for Josella. Josella and Bill (then name of the I-person) decide to move into a flat, to spend the night and make further plans for the future. They decide that they have to leave the town soon, because of possible diseases that might break out. When they are in bed, Josella sees a light in the darkness, so they decide to investigate it the next day.
Chapter 6: “Rendezvous”
The next day, they set off to the university, the only building from which the light might have come from. They are admitted in the building. A group for about 35 people lives there, most of them sighted, the rest blinded. They get an assignment to gather supplies and to get a lorry for transport, because the entire group is going to move out of town. They bring 2 lorries full of supplies back.
Chapter 7: “Conference”
At the university, a conference is held. It’s generally about the question what is be right of wrong, what laws should be maintained or abandoned.
Chapter 8: “Frustration”
Bill wakes up from the sound of a ringing bell. When he gets up and looks into the corridor, he smells fire and hears someone call it at the same time. He runs downstairs, but the smoke...

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