The Day When Everything Went Wrong

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Worst days are considered the longest days ever to was the mid of June and the name of thing parachute was stuck in the mouths of the paratrupers who would jump of plane and enjoy seeing the map of cities and seas down them.
About 8:30am my watch tried to wake me up with it's click clock but me sleepy head didn't wake and suddenly my mom smashing the door with the wall woke me up.My eyes went on the clock that showed me 8:40,i got up quickly to arrange for my parachuting day.the teacher scolded me for being late but later we went inside the plane for our departure with our parachutes on our we reached ...view middle of the document...

the prayers of safety were on verge and bang i fell into the trees.ouch it hurted me but i was not crazy of staying there for the remaining day.After alot of struggle,i reached my knife and trimmed of the fabric.i fell over banyn trees that didn't hurt me but b y the fear of snakes and dangerous creatures i fell over the ground.The darkness had started to spread and dusk was on it's peak.the fireflies glowed with their superb colours,birds went back to their nests for their nestling's and the dark angels means the vampire bats flew of their dark caves.
The place seemed to be clear at the west side where the sun set and i tattered through the woods in the search of a protective shelter for myself to spend the monsotorous night in.i travelled several miles and reached the deadliest place that had the smell of rotten egg and the water level increased every hour.there were shrubs that helped me by getting me out of the hell.when i came to the clearing i saw a full pond of water unfortunately i didnot know how to swim.with some of he branches i made a canoe which helped me in going to the other bank.
The place was slightly bear of trees.thanks to Allah i had my inbone skills,by striking two stones i let on the fire from the dried branches.that was the time when i rejoiced but by the rain showers my fire lit off and i got my clothes wet which also made me shiver.
at that time the taught hit my mind that 'this was the worst day of my life'.

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