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The Dead Of God In The Modern Society

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Throughout the history of mankind, there have always been certain things that separate men from animals. The opposable thumb, the superior intelligence, and the capacity to make tools are just a few of the things that separate man from beast. Yet one of the longest established and most controversial of these human characteristics is religion. Archaeologists have found that religious beliefs are as old as man himself. In the modern world though, it seems as if less and less people are buying into the religious doctrines and dogmas, and creating their own beliefs through a mix of science and philosophy. Why are people turning from ...view middle of the document...

Most people in the 19th Century Europe had stopped following the Christian values-religion. This made Nietzsche to observe that people no longer relied on God, and thus summed it all up in his statement: "God is dead". In this paper therefore, I will try to outline the circumstances in the modern world that will prove that what Nietzsche perceived then was just but a “prophesy” which has come to pass in the 21st century and beyond.
Frederick Nietzsche states clearly his reasoning for "God is dead, God remains dead, and we have killed him". Western Civilization and its culture are to blame according to Nietzsche. The "Advent of Nihilism" is also to blame for the death of God. Nietzsche believes there is no objective order or structure in the world except what we give it.
Nietzsche's argument is that with the "advent of nihilism", man began to change his beliefs and faith in an all knowing, all powerful creator and instead, needs no master. The definition of nihilism could be taken as there is no free will due to every action being caused by an event or action before it. This lack of free will would then take God out of the picture and make man his own master. In my own opinion this is what is happening in our modern society. Most people attribute this to the lack of explanation as to why evil is thriving in the world if there is a God!

The presence of evil in this world is a harsh truth which cannot be denied either by a theist or by an atheist. Human beings have to face events like earthquake, bursting of volcanoes, flood, cyclone, epidemic, famine, starvation-deaths, killings, rape, war, Corrupt governments, indulgences, persecution, crime, materialistic greed, self-centeredness, Jealousy, Violence, Disease, Dishonesty, Stinginess, Irresponsibleness, Rudeness, Hatred, Torture, Genocide, Murdering… to name but a few from time to time.
This cruel reality is incompatible with the god of the theists. The idea of an omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent god is rendered inconsistent by the presence of evil in this world. Every year so many innocent persons are killed because of natural disasters, the most resent being the tsunami in Japan. Is god not aware of this? If he is not, then he cannot be regarded as omniscient. Now, if god knows about these evils, why he is not removing them? If god wants to eliminate these evils but is not able to do so, he cannot be omnipotent. If he can remove these evils but still does not do so, then he is not benevolent, and he is also not fit for being worshipped by us. And if god is capable of removing these evils, and he also wants to do so, then why these evils exist at all? The theists are incapable of giving any satisfactory reply to this question."
These and many more questions have sent many people who before used to believe in a God, especially the youth and “the so called modern men and women” into a state of limbo! Whether to have a faith or not...

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