The Death Penalty Is An Acceptable Punishment

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The Death Penalty is An Acceptable Punishment
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When you think of an extreme crime you think of murder. When you think of an extreme punishment you think of the death penalty. Crimes of such severity sometimes deserve an equal punishment and we as a society accept this. However, Supreme Court Justice William Brennan argues that society seriously questions the appropriateness of the death penalty. It is true that over the years since the death penalty was first implemented it has undergone some changes but this does not suggest that we believe that the death penalty is unacceptable.
Justice Brennan states his argument as follows:
1) If there has been a successive ...view middle of the document...

The methods have changed, this is true, but it is still being inflicted. The methods have changed to reduce the pain and suffering involved in executions. They have been changed to fit into the modern definition of humane. The successive restrictions regarding the death penalty have made it a more fitting punishment for the crimes that it is allocated. When society believes that the death penalty is not a justifiable punishment it will let its lawmakers know and the death penalty will then no longer exist.
I believe that the death penalty is an acceptable punishment for severe crimes and I believe that society shares this point of view or it would eliminate the death penalty.
1) The laws of a country are representative of its people beliefs.
2) Congressmen pass the laws.
3) Congressmen respond to what the public wants.
4) The death penalty exists because Congress allows it.
5) If the public finds a law to be unacceptable it tells its government.
6) The government would lift the law.
7) The death penalty still exists.
8) Therefore, society finds the death penalty to be acceptable.
My view comes from a very logical perspective. When people...

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