The Death Penalty:Too Much Room For Error Includes Outline And Research

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Thesis StatementThe death penalty should be abolished from the United States.I. The death penalty is not an effective deterrent for monstrous crimes.A. "Scientific studies have consistently failed to find convincing evidencethat the death penalty deters crime more effectively than otherpunishment" (Amnesty)B. "A New York Times survey, released in September 2000, found thatduring the last 20 years, the homicide rate in the states with the deathpenalty has been 48 percent to 101 percent higher than in the stateswith out the death penalty."(Amnesty USA)II. The economic ramifications of the death penalty are higher than the costsof a life term sentence.A. "Numerous studies have shown that it is ...view middle of the document...

If the death penalty was so effective in stopping crime, wouldn't all fifty states use it? Or is it that the twelve states that don't use the death penalty realize all the negative aspects that it has? In my view there are no positive aspects of the death penalty only negative aspects. The death penalty is not an effective deterrent for crimes, the economic ramifications of the death penalty are high, there is an extremely great chance that innocence may be proven after the fact, and the victims of these crimes do not achieve justice. Thus I believe the death penalty should be abolished from all of the fifty states in the Unites States.The death penalty is not an effective deterrent for horrible crimes. The death penalty dose not deter crime more effectively than any other punishment used by the judicial system; as a source confirms "Scientific studies have consistently failed to find convincing evidence that the death penalty deters crime more effectively than other punishment" (Amnesty). As can be expected this may not be such a big surprise to many. Crimes are either thought out very precisely or not at all, thus the criminal is eitherexpecting not to get caught or isn't thinking about the possibility of any consequences, as a result the possibility of death never comes to mind while planning the "perfect" murder or even while during a spontaneous act. In a survey released in September 2000, by the New York Times reports "during the last twenty years, the homicide rate in the states with the death penalty has been forty-eight percent to one-hundred and one percent higher than in the states without the death penalty" (Amnesty USA).A sentence of death has higher economic ramifications than the cost of a life sentence. The process of sentencing a criminal to a death sentence is unbelievably more costly than a life term sentence. Studies agree "that it is(a life sentence) significantly less expensive than capital punishment" because " the defense costs were about four times higher in cases where death was sought than in a comparable case where death was not sought"(Death Penalty). Consequently it is cheaper to sentence someone to life in prison rather than sentencing them to death.When dealing with the death penalty, the chance of being proven innocent is too great. One statistic points out, "Since 1973, one hundred and twelve people have been released from death row with evidence of their innocence" (Death Penalty). If there is any possibility that the judicial ruling could be wrong, than the death penalty should not be an option. There is always a possibility for error when dealing with the death penalty therefore it should be abolished altogether. James Liebmen comments "An astonishing eighty-two percent of death row inmates did not deserve the death penalty" he also writes "One in twenty death row inmates are later found not guilty" (American Civil). Today itmay seem that with all the new technologies we posses, it would be impossible...

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