The Death Penalty Vs. Life Sentence

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The Death Penalty vs. Life Sentence

Determining whether an individual should receive a death penalty or life sentence based on the crime he or she may have committed has been a major controversial debate in the United States and our Judicial System. Along with any possible solution to a problem, it will come with its pros and cons. It may have to do with the fact that costs of the death penalty including pre-trial and trial costs, appeals, and incarceration on death row has rapidly risen past 4 billion dollars since 1978 in California alone. Alongside the costs, many seem to believe that the death penalty can easily be a result of wrongful convictions in innocent people as well. These are just a few important factors ...view middle of the document...

The biggest argument supporting the death penalty is that it gives the victim’s family and friends a sense of closure. This entire process is primarily extensive and can be emotionally and financially draining for the victim’s close ones. As a result, the death penalty is a form of consolation for the life lost of their loved one.
On the contrary, the term “Life in Prison” briefly describes that the person convicted has to spend the rest of his entire life in jail, and depending on which state they are in, they may or may not be eligible for parole. For people in support of the life sentence rather than a death sentence argue that it is clearly more reasonable than executing a human being because the cost of fulfilling a death sentence is noticeably higher than serving a life sentence. In my own opinion, life imprisonment can without a doubt be as severe as the death sentence, if not greater. An individual serving a life sentence has to come to a realization that they now have to spend decades confined in a small cage-like cell within an environment where rape and violence occur on a day-to-day basis. With a death sentence ones troubles and worries are over with a single lethal injection.
In Conclusion, there really is no clear advantage or disadvantage for both the victim and defendant when deciding on whether the defendant should receive the death penalty or life imprisonment. Although the United States seems to be shifting more towards life imprisonment sentences, if we as a country wish to proceed toward a more humane society we must first learn how to make rational decisions without being easily influenced on pure prejudice and emotions.

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