The Decision Essay

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The Decision
Bam! The sound of my front door getting busted down by military uniformed men awakes me quickly. They quickly come and grab me and yank me out of bed. I am soon met by my family all being dragged to the street and put on a bus. We are quickly separated by gender and put on different sides of the bus. I still don’t know what is going on but the uniformed men stated to everyone that there was an immediate protocol taken place in order to protect our lives. I found this strange; however I had to live with what small information that was given knowing I wouldn’t get anymore. I decided to wait it out and just see where they were taking us and trying to pull in all the information I ...view middle of the document...

" However quickly realized what would happen if my family did not make it through. I went through the next doors to enter into a big bubble room area. Then I rapidly started looking fast as I could for the rest of my family which was my mom and two sisters, one that was ten years old and the other sister was two. I then heard someone scream my name. I turned to see my best friend. Even though it wasn’t my family I knew he could help and I was at least not going to go through this event without anyone. He was pretty sure that his family didn’t get cleared like he did. However he helped me look around for mine. We soon found his mom and ran up to talk to her. She said that my family wasn’t cleared. It was devastating. Together we figured out that there was some deadly virus going on but we weren't sure of the name or anything else. We did find out the side effects though. These side effects were almost invisible though. After giving you a state of euphoria you would go to sleep later on that night and never wake up. Being a family person though I valued being with my family more than having my life. I was then presented with one of the hardest decision that I would ever face. I could choose to stay to be safe from the virus or see my family again. Soon enough I made a decision to run back out the way I came and wasn’t going to let anyone stop me. Even though my adrenaline was pumping I was very hastily stopped by two of the military men. They tried to force me back into the bubble room but I said I was feeling a great and felt like I was one of the sick and didn’t want to infect any of the others. When I said that they instantly guided me outside the fence and away from the line and said, "You're free to go." They had no clue that I was really playing them but it worked for me, I wasn’t going to complain.
However I knew that if I didn’t find my family instantly they would probably disappear forever. I started running to an outlet where they were guiding many of the people that didn’t get the clear signal. Almost everyone looked as if they were in a state of depression. Putting this aside I kept looking for my family. Through the crowd I finally spotted my mom though. Running hard as possible I got up to her and threw my arms around her. We were all happy to see each other which seemed to last for...

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