The Defense Logistics Department Roles In Coordinating Logistics Support

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The Defense Logistics Department was established to meet the needs of logistics services in the three aspects of Operations, Training and Administration. It plays a role in joint planning, development, policy making, personnel training, movement and transportation, coordination and management of logistics resources in the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF). This department is headed by the Assistant Chief of Staff Logistics Defense also known as ACoS J4 with the rank of Brigadier General or equivalent. It has four main roles in supporting the Forward Operation Base (FOB) and charters for each are as follows:

1. The Logistics Policy Branch. The main role includes ...view middle of the document...

Following this will be the options which will help the doctrine makers in the MAF in order to improve the joint logistics in joint environment that will lead to resolving joint logistics problems at tactical level.


Joint Logistics Problems

The study of various joint assessment carried out by the three main services of the Malaysian Armed Forces to the effective operation citing weakness due to lack of common logistics platform in the operational. Relevant observations from the Office of the Minister of Defence, Malaysian Armed Forces Headquarters, Joint Force Headquarters and Defence Operations Centre, can be summarized in five categories as follows:

1. Lack of joint logistics organization to ensure that joint logistics
functions can be implemented efficiently.

Although the Doctrine of Joint Logistics Planning Process has been developed, but still require the Malaysian Armed Forces Logistics Support Joint Operations Doctrine, which outlines the logistics function together in the operational level to cover such things as supply, maintenance, transportation, civil engineering, health services and other services, life support, postal and financial services.

2. Lack of Joint Logistics Commanders on tactical level.

Joint Logistics Commanders at this level is responsible for performing the functions of logistics and a comprehensive report on the state of the middle and tactical. This will reduce the burden of J-4 staff planner to coordinate remotely, thereby enabling the J-4 staff planners focus on their primary role in the strategies. Joint Logistics Commanders at this level will also play a role to monitor and ensure the Logistics Operations Executed well, and then make plans to optimize the logistics capability based on the current situation in the tactical level.

3. The tactical level logistics commander’s inability to execute the
authority in joint logistics command.

Joint logistics effectiveness cannot be achieved only from the basis of cooperation and strategy discussions among senior commanders of the three services, it must be based on information obtained from a tactical level commanders.

4. Lack of logistics command and control.

Commander of joint logistics on operational level should be given the power of Command Function, not Staff Function. This is to realize the effectiveness of the Joint Logistics at the tactical level.

Logistics Support Options in Joint Environment
Task Force Commanders may choose from a variety of logistics support options to fulfill the needs of their areas of responsibility (AORs). The logistics support system must operate in harmony with the structure and employment of the combat forces it supports. Whenever feasible, chains of command and staffs in a non-contingency environment should be organized as they would be in wartime to avoid reorganization in the midst of a contingency. Options for support include:

1. Each service component...

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