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This case represents the issue of dell in 2002. At this time HP was having trouble with its computer sales, but was very strong in the sales of its printers, it was the market leader. DELL was doing very well with its sales of its core product which were its computers and netbooks. The issue it faced was whether or not to enter the market for printers. The underlying motives were the very high margins on printers and ink cartridges. if dell would enter the printer market, this could be considered a direct attack on HP, because if it would succeed to steal enough market share from the printer market of HP, it would become very strong in both markets, as HP ...view middle of the document...

Team 1 very well assessed the core competencies of DELL (razor blade business model, outsourcing, modular approach). From what I understood, group 2 explained that there was a slight increase in consumer expenditure. However, both groups could have provided more data on consumer profile. Group 2 explained that if DELL would enter the printer business, it would become very strong and new entrants would be quite unlikely, which I could definitely agree on. Group 1 very well determined three options for dell. 1 would be not to enter at all. Then it would be possible to focus on core business, avoid risk and investment and collaborate instead of compete with incumbents. As dell had already collaborated with HP, which had already ended, this was not a viable option. Option 2 was to focus on low priced hardware, which had high profit margins and then increase shareholder value. Then it would coexist with incumbents. As this would not affect HPs profit pool, this was not considered a good option, which I could agree on. Option 3 entailed exploiting HPs strength as a weakness. HPs profit margins are huge, deflating the printer profit pool would weaken HPs profit in the pc market, hence this was the proposed option...

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