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The Department Of Veterans Affairs And The Labor Market

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The Department of Veterans Affairs and the Labor Market
In today’s organizations, the approach to the labor market is very important and detrimental to the success of the organization because of this every step should be strategically plan. The Department of Veterans Affairs is very successful in this area because their hiring and training processes are part of their best practice policy, which also give the organization a competitive edge. Being that the Department of Veterans Affairs are such a large organizations and their current tactics focus of the quality of candidates skills, level of education per position, and maintaining long- term sustainability . ...view middle of the document...

gov. The Department of Veterans affairs have recently contracted with the military to hire newly discharge veterans from the military. Lee (2007) reported, “The Department of Veterans partnerships across the country to launch a new program called "Enhancing Academic Partnerships Program formed and implemented to fill the shortage of nursing position within the organization” (p.28). The new program indicates that the Department of Veterans affairs are very versatile and creative in their strategies to seek quality employees. The Department of Veterans Affairs collects application from a pool of applicants using various resources. They are able to identify the top skills that applicants possess, usually by performance-based scores answers from the applicants applications. The organization than chooses the top three candidates. The Department of Veterans Affairs is very successful in the recruiting process because of the great benefits, competitive pay, and long- term stability that the organization offers.
Level of Education
The Department of Veteran affairs provides versatility for the applicants to meet educational standards based on applying the levels of educational requirements to the job that the applicants Intends to perform. The job positions range according to the General Schedule (GS) assigned positions. The Department of Veterans Affairs pay grades are from GS 1 to GS 15. However, the higher the level the more education and experience is required. If an employee or applicants are hired or reviewed to work on a GS 5 level, they pay can also be adjusted geographically and the majority of jobs pay a higher salary (USA Jobs.GOV).
Example: If an employee is working in Florida as a housekeeper, GS 4 and they may make a yearly salary of $22.000. However ,if the same employee was hired an housekeeper in New York as a GS 4 they may make a salary of $25,0000 because of the cost of living is higher for the that geographical locations.
Although the Department of Veterans Affairs hiring range varies on educational levels, for the Departments of Veterans Affair for the majority of their employees and candidates should have or be pursuing a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. The organization strongly encourage this by offering educational reimbursements as pay of their benefits package for employees to continues growth within the company. When applicants or apply for a GS 9 positions or higher the Department of Veteran Affairs strongly began to look for a Bachelor’s degrees with a minimum of two years’ work experience that is of equal to one years of pursuing a Masters Degrees that is directly related to the applied field with work experience. However, with all positions no matter what the levels the candidates must demonstrate competencies skills identifying that they can perform the positions...

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