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The Desert Essay

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The desert Al Kharj is located in Saudi Arabia. There is an Air Force Base located there. In this essay, you will learn about the abiotic and biotic components in the desert. You will also learn the carbon and nitrogen cycles. Last but not least you will learn about natural and anthropogenic disturbances and how to recover them. There will also be examples of each.

The desert can be one of the most beautiful places to visit. It also can be one of the hottest places every. The desert Al Kharj is in Saudi Arabia. Al Kharj is in the middle of Saudi Arabia. Al Kharj has a lot of small towns.
The ecosystem the desert can be found in many places. One example were you can see the desert is Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia. I still remember the day that I stepped off the airplane. The desert has its surprising moments. One of them is when it is cold it is very cold.
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As for the snakes, I only saw the skin of one. I was hoping that I could see a camel, but I never did. The coyotes that I say were from a distance.
Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle
The carbon cycle of the desert are the living thing and the ecosystem. An example of carbon cycle would be the process called photosynthesis. The reason why I say that is because after the cacti, just to name one plant, absorbs carbon dioxide, with sunlight and water. After this process is over and the plant dies, this causes the carbon-rich compounds to return to the Earth as the nutrients. Then it supports new plant life as well as the animal life.
The nitrogen cycle starts with the nitrogen being recycled. The nitrogen actually helps the plants grow. Plants get nitrogen from the soil. So when animals eat plants and other animals they get proteins. Decomposers break down proteins in rotting plants and animals in which that is one way nitrogen is recycled. The urea in animal waste turns into ammonia. That is another way the nitrogen is recycled
Disturbance Recovery
The desert has a couple of natural disturbances. One of the natural disturbances is a sandstorm. The sandstorm can be very powerful. The sand sandstorm could last from minutes to hour’s maybe even days. Another one is flash floods. Flash floods happens when it rains too much. The flash floods could cause mud slides. When the recovery process starts, humans could actually lend a hand. We could help clear off land but not too much. We could also replant plants and trees.
The desert has a couple of anthropogenic disturbance events. One would be people building roads. Another one would be people cutting too many trees. People could also accidently set trees on fire. As I stated before if people would stop cutting down a lot of trees, stop trying to build roads everywhere and be careful with fire then that could help out some. People could also plant trees to help the desert recover.
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