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The Destination Essay

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The Destination
Through the history of the United States of America, there are events that may be off-the-hook more crucial than others, such as the Civil War compared to the Cold War, or vice-versa, depending on point-of-views or opinions. However, nonetheless, how could one possibly believe as extensive in significance as the year 1776? That being said, one could ask: “What happened in 1776 that may be considered the most biased “high point” in American history”? What would one know of the deliciousness of the Declaration of the Independence, or even the heroic acts of George Washington in his triple-action battle scene? Everything shall be revealed, unless one would rather read the book ...view middle of the document...

In the book 1776, by David McCullough, he states in one of his thesis’s that “without the perseverance of the Continental troops led by George Washington, the fight for American Independence would have failed.” In one’s opinion myself, one should acknowledge the truth that that most absolutely proves correct. Throughout George Washington’s “career” as to say, the three major events for independence: Bunker Hill, the battle for New York, and the battles for Princeton and Trenton New Jersey, were where he shined awe-inspiring light. Starting from the beginning to the end of the events, America was already in despair in battles against Britain. For the most part, there were too many negatives siding with them; acknowledgement of hope was unbearable. Thus, the battles all seem to relate to battles in the historical fantasy movie: 300 (Battle of Thermopylae). The 300 Spartans were obviously outnumbered by the Persians who ranked in numbers in around millions, yet the Spartans were far more” experienced,” and tactical as to say, than the Persians, basically using nature against them. From the standpoint of Washington, everything applies to his situation, except that his men were not experienced. His army consisted of men with various backgrounds: doctors, lawyers, school teachers, people who have not held a gun with no military tactics, or have the “fits” of being in one. (Thespians, Thebans). However, since Washington served in the Seven Years War, he was experienced, yet more, compared to the men even twice his age.
In a personal aiming at the author, David McCullough, it amazes one when even the mind-grueling pieces of information can be transformed into an adventure with perspectives of sides, the American and the British side, obviously no roots of biased views on certain individuals or such. However, the way McCullough excludes his opinion or arguments on certain events throughout the history of the book; he makes the epic adventure the way it was meant to happen. Thus, the way McCullough incorporates George Washington in the beginning of the book compared to the infamous base style of excellence. McCullough portrays him as a man of doubt mainly whether or not he has the ability in leading an army in war (not to mention it was his first time). Quoting, where Washington sends a letter to Joseph Reed stating: “He was downcast and feeling quite sorry for himself. Had he known what he was getting into, he told Reed, he would never have accepted the command;” (pg. 79 p3 or 4) even of mention that readers may doubt the author! Thus, In another of McCullough’s thesis, he had a motive in writing the book, where he could inform an average American of the birth of America and the events leading up to it, where when he asked people of the importance of 1776, not one knew from a primary or secondary view: America or Great Britain (Most specifically London). This, of course, created the book phase, with a down-tune for the details and “seduction”...

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