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The Destiny Of Man And Environment In Jean Sasson's Love In A Torn Land

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The Destiny of Man and Environment in Jean Sasson's Love in a Torn Land

Dr. Azad Hamad Sharif


Department of English

College of Languages

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The third section traces the increase of this hatred to the level of brutality against the environment, the animals, the birds, and even the plants of Kurdistan, which finally lead to the total destruction of both man and the environment through the use of chemical weapons and scorching of the Kurdish land. The last section is the findings of the study followed by a bibliography.

II- Introduction

Jean Sasson (born 1947) is the American bestseller female writer who has a wide knowledge about the Eastern community in general and the Kurdish society in particular. She spent 12 years in the Middle East and has been active there for 30 years and has a deep understanding about the area. She has traveled around the world visiting 66 countries and came to know many people of varying cultures.
In 2005, she met the Kurdish Peshmerga (freedom fighter) Joanna Al-Askari in London. Joanna's mother is a Kurd from Sulaimania and her father an Arab from Baghdad. Joanna tells her about the misery the Kurdish people were subjected to by successive Iraqi regimes from the beginning of the 20th century, the worse by the Baathist regime (1968-2003).
After two years of continuous contact and correspondence with Joanna, Jean Sasson writes a realistic and true book based on the life of this freedom fighter titled Love in a Torn Land (2007). The book was so appealing that it was translated into 19 languages within only four years.
This compelling novel vividly narrates all the gloomy days through a love story between Joanna and Sarbast who was an Iraqi Kurdish freedom fighter of the 1980s working in the clandestine Kurdish radio station. In this novel, man, environment, trees, birds, reptiles and animals are all annihilated by the former Iraqi regime. The book is a vivid account of the Kurdish genocide and the destruction of Kurdistan environment.

III-The Beginnings of Hatred against the Kurds

From the first sight, the reader's mind is attracted by the word "Love," which is the first word of the novel's title. True, there is love in this novel, but it is within the context of a torn land. So, from the title, the reader will get the impression that he/she is going to see love scenes. But very soon the other words of the title warn him/her of such optimism. With the turning of the first page of the book, the scenes of bombardment and shelling of Kurdistan will erase such ideas from the mind of the reader. In the face of the fear of arrest and imprisonment, brutality and catastrophic wars, the two ill-starred lovers wish for nothing more than to remain alive.
In the cultures of most of the world, love is the source of spiritual and physical pleasure. In the occupied and torn land of Kurdistan, as a result of the cruelty of the enemies, love is always connected with tragedy and misery.
Due to the fact that most of the characters of the novel are educated, they have a deep knowledge about the culture, the history, and the sufferings of their people. It is...

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