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The Destructors Essay

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The destructors analisys

the store I about a teen gang who called themselves Wormsley common gang named after their city area. The leader of the gang is blackie who is a trouble maker but he never suggest anything that would harm other people. He is cares for the members of the gang and he always think twice about the gangs activities, like he said no to stealling cause he won´t risk anyone going to court or even worse, giong to jail. One day one the parking where they always meet, T aka trevor suggest that the gang should destroy the last standing house on the lot. The house is owned by a old mand named Mr Thomas and nicknamed Old missery by the gang. Mr Thomas is gone for the next couple days, so its now they have their change. After the idea T had come up with he become the leader of the gang. Under the detruction Mr. Thomas arrives one thay earlier then expected, and the gang want to leave the house ...view middle of the document...

After the the destrucion he let Mr, T let Mr. Thomas out of his loo, he cant stop laughting even when Mr. thomas is close crying.

T is a fifteen year old boy who become the leader of Wormsley common gang, after suggesting to taer down a old man´s house. T, mom is a snob who think she above other people and hs father was a succesful architect, but is know without job after the war. The reason why T want to tear down is beacouse he is jealous. He have seen many people perish even his own family, and he cant stand to se that one house surrive without any harm.

Bblackie is the leader of the gang I the beging. Blackie is carrefull about the activities of the gang, he wont do anything that that could harm his members. He is also loyal to his gang even when his leader possition was taken away by T he stille stand beside T to help him even when the gang was one their way to walk out on T.

Mr. Thomas(Old Misery)
Mr. Thomas is a old man who believes in the old ways. He is a little naïve to believe that the they will like him better after giving them chocolate. Also, it is stipid of him to trust T indside of his home and telling him that he will be gone for banks holliday. But he have trust in the old values, and couldnt imagine that the boys would do anything to one of their elders.

Mike is the youngest member og the gang, an is just a follower. He do what his told and doesnt talk much because someone had make him believe that he would get a frog in is mouth.

he is also a follower. He is a fat boy and is the first to vote in favor for T plan. He does´nt have any leading role in the gang.

Summers is a thin boy who is easy to manipulate, even when he suggest the gang to do something more fun, it doesnt take much pursuasion to make him stay.

The story is telling something about the human nature. Its tell is that the destructive side will apear in the right circumstances, I this case its war that have make these boy want they are. When you read this story you feel a little sorry for mister thomas, but ind the end it is the boys you should fell sorry. They are the result of the older generation choice and doing.

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