The Diary Of A Young Mill Worker

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Dear Diary, Monday 7th September 1797
The mill is great! My name is Amelia Northwood, I am 11 years old and come from Liverpool workhouse; I was abandoned by my parents at the age of 4. Life in the workhouse was hard; we were expected to work for 15 hours a day, in terrible conditions with no pay. Conditions in the mill seem to be much better. This morning, Mr Greg visited the workhouse, he chose 20 children, (all examined by a doctor first), and asked us if we would like to be his new apprentices, not surprisingly every child picked, took him up on his offer. My first impressions of Mr Greg was that he was smart, strict and business like, but after talking to him on the journey to The ...view middle of the document...

They get 1-3 shillings a week. Apprentices only get paid if they work overtime. Food here is yum! We are fed 3 times a day (8am Breakfast, 12 noon Lunch and 7.30pm for dinner) You are aloud as many helpings as you want. The beds are also luxury, it is 2 per bed and the sheers are changed once a month. The other apprentices at the mill are very friendly and I have made many friends already, however I do not know them very well as we do not have much spare time to speak to one another. I have not actually spoken to any boys yet but an older, good looking boy winked at me this morning, I went all giggly and embarrassed. I hope I can speak to him soon so I can prove to him that I am not always like that and to get to know him better. Because I do not get a lot of time to write in here, I think this will be my last entry for a while. This is my drawing of what the beds look like, they are very spacious!

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Dear Diary, Thursday 28th September 1801
Sorry I haven’t written in so long, over four years, I have not really had much of a chance but I will try and write more often, I also admit forgetting to write in my diary. After going out with jack for 6 months now, I think he is getting bored of me. Today, after school I caught him with another girl. Kissing. It was not just any girl though; it was my best friend, Mary. I thought I could trust them both, but obviously not! Today has been such a bad day. After working overtime last night, I really could not get out of bed this morning. Therefore I was late for work. I was to work overtime tonight and to receive a fine of 5pence. Mrs Shawcross told me off, as if I had nothing else on my mind at the moment, I hate that woman. As it is approaching Christmas, the only reason I was to work overtime in the first place was to by Jack and Mary a small gift. I guess I can forget that idea now.

Dear Diary, Sunday 6th November 1801
It is Sunday and thankfully I have managed to get out of the 2.5 mile walk to church. However the only reason I managed to get out of it is because I am ill. The doctor, Dr Peter Holland, said I had something in my blood, but he would not tell me what exactly. Earlier, in the medical room Dr Holland just told me to shut my eyes and be brave. I did as I was told and at the same time felt a strange tingling sensation on my leg. I opened my eyes to see 5 black, horrid Slug like creatures crawling all over my leg. I screamed and went completely squeamish as I hate creepy crawlies! Mrs Shawcross heard me from downstairs and threatenedly shouted ‘Hush child or I shall chop your hair off!’ I wanted to shout something very rude and nasty back but I bit my lip. I knew she was not kidding as she has done it to someone before, so I quickly hushed and Dr Holland carried on with the procedure, which I am sure you do not want to hear details about.

Dear Diary, Sunday 25th December 1801
Christmas day is finally here! It has been the...

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