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The Dictator Essay

743 words - 3 pages

Shelia hall
English Composition
Instructor Amy Watkins-Copeland
27 May 2012

I believe a great film is a film that draws you completely in and makes you forget your surroundings. Like a great book it’s able to capture your imagination and make the impossible, possible. The movie The Dictator was not able to do this, but I don’t think it intended to.
Most of Cohen’s characters are exaggerations of real types of people. He uses these characters to try and tackle sensitive issues. Ali G is an uneducated white suburban male who likes to imitate what he believes to be rap culture. Bruno is a flamboyantly gay fashion reporter from Austria and Borat is a Kazakhstani journalist, from the ...view middle of the document...

Regardless of Cohen’s distasteful jokes he is still very popular in today’s entertainment culture. This piece is popular mainly because of Sasha Baron Cohen. He has already stirred up controversy with his previous roles and therefore people are immediately interested in his latest character. He gains interest by making appearances on popular TV shows and awards shows as his character, Aladeen. Baron made an appearance on the Oscars, SNL, and did an interview for Larry King, all as Aladeen. Of course Baron’s improv is a lot better than the actual jokes in the movie, really getting the audience geared up.
That audience would be a younger generation, I would say ranging from ages fourteen to thirty-four. It’s definitely geared more towards individuals who are probably close-minded, and don’t respect themselves or others. A. O. Scott (2012) helps support this theory saying, “Either this is the kind of meta-gag that tries to milk a laugh out of its own failure, or it represents a profound lack of confidence in both the material and the...

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