The Differences Of Music Preferences Between Both Genders In Different Ages

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The differences of music preferences between both genders in different ages

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Being an international student and living overseas means that it is a very interesting and exciting experience to research about English people as well as other nationalities. I decided to write about music preferences of adult and students of different nationalities in Cambridge.
This research based on previous findings, my experiments and related literature. In this research I want to find out peoples’ tastes, to examine how different styles of music can contribute on gender differences, how music affects peoples’ mood and ...view middle of the document...

Girls are more likely to be affected on a musical fashion, but boys are stable on their interest.

Literature review
These gender differences have been linked to the consonance of the styles with traditional gender-role-related attributes and the relationship of the themes expressed with the developmental issues of young men and women (Schwartz & Fouts, 2003).
Also, lyrics play a significant role on tastes, pop ballads about love, relationship are a females’ gender thing, however males’ choice stay on a heavy metal, rock because that genres focus on power, strong and vigor.
The consumption of music is a highly social form of activity. Musical and other cultural events integrate individuals into groups (Gurvitch 1971), and at the same time express and reinforce social values (Dalhaus 1982). The musical choices individuals make both influence and are them actively shaped by one’s place in society, and not based simply on aesthetic values of any particular musical genre. As Silbermann (1963) stated, “musical taste is a social phenomenon, it is socially conditioned, it is born and dies within the social life to which it belongs and is (p.25).”
Christenson and Peterson (1988) explained this difference as relating to the different uses of music among young men and women. They argued that because men’s musical allegiances are central and personal, they distinguished between the more macho styles that they preferred, and the “unhip” melodic, romantic mainstream styles that women like. For women, whose approach to music is instrumental and social, both mainstream and ’80s rock styles were regarded as “popular.” Thus, gender differences in the degree to which styles relate to identity and self-presentation can be linked to the ways in which college students structure their preferences.
There is support for gender differences in the use of music both from the U.S. (Christenson & Roberts, 1998) and the UK, where North, Hargreaves, and O’Neill (2000) found that female adolescents used music more for mood regulation, while male adolescents used it more for identity formation and to create an impression with others.

My research is a quantitative research because for the research with such topic it is better to have more people as well as numerical data in order to have a proof; I examined as much people as possible of music preferences between both genders.
And the most effective method to collect responses and analyze them is to use a questionnaire and send it in social networks such as, Overall, I received 68 responses out of 80, with almost an equal number of participants; there were 31 boys and 37 girls with an age between 18-35.
From the initial way, I wanted to have 100-150 responses to collect more answers to have a clear evidence as far as possible and in order to achieve that I sent a link with my survey to the online forms like “UKYahoo!Answers”, “Ответы” and the number of...

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