The Difficulty In Distinguishing Real From Unreal

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Alejandra Munoz
Period 2
A Beautiful Mind
Schizophrenia is a disease many are not aware of. The movie “A Beautiful Mind” is a true story based on a young man named, John Nash, in in 1947 in Princeton, New Jersey. He attends Princeton University on a Carnegie scholarship for math and science. He is intelligent, socially awkward but has an amazing talent in math. This movie shows us how John goes from being a student to a professor. While he is teaching, he believes he is a CIA agent helping the government, and works on making a revolutionary discovery/formula that will change life. He works on top secret missions and spends countless hours trying to help his ...view middle of the document...

They sedate john to get him to calm down and the next thing you know he is in a hospital, a psychiatric hospital that is. He is finally diagnosed with schizophrenia. They try to treat him with electroshock. Electroshock consists of him being restrained to a bed; they inject some sort of liquid into him, place things in his mouth and nose and shock him five times a week for ten weeks. His wife had to endure the pain of watching her husband go through this process. Electroshock is very controversial because not only does it not work, but the side effects are tremendous. It is very physically demanding on the body.
This movie made me feel empathy, sadness, and fear. I never in my life had seen anyone suffer of schizophrenia, not even in movies, until I watched “A Beautiful Mind”. It is a really powerful film that I would recommend to a friend. It is really eye opening and gives you a perspective of what people with that disease suffer with on a daily basis. The constant struggle of trying to know what is real and what is not is already so much for someone to handle. One of my favorite parts in the movie was when instead of going back to the hospital; he tries to battle the hallucinations on his own and with the help of his loved ones. It is such a beautiful part of the movie because this is where John learns how to really live...

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