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"The Doll's House" By Katherine Mansfield

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Katherine Mansfield's "The Dolls House" seems to be a simple story about children receiving a own ideas and opinions. Even though everyone is entitled to their own opinion it is often bizarre to see how our opinions are based on those of others. This essay will outline the events that occurred in the story which are a big part in regards to the two different worlds of adults and children, and how they are separated from each other.

The Dolls House is a story where you can see the cruelty of children towards each other. This story is centered on the concept of three middle class girls who are given a beautiful doll's house as a present. They are thrilled about the new toy just how any child would feel when they receive a new doll or teddy bear. The girls are so delighted about the doll house and cannot wait to show all of their friends their new found glory. The excitement of the children is put into a new direction when children of a different ...view middle of the document...

Another situation in the story that splits adulthood and childhood into two separate worlds is when the Burnell children want to show their friends the new doll house, but they are told by their mother that they can set up the doll house in the courtyard but not allow their friends to come inside for tea or wander throughout the house. Usually children are open hearted and when they have a friend over they want to show them around their house, offer them a snack make them feel at home. But in this story the mother of the Burnell children wants the children to stay outside and not expect to be fed or be allowed in the house. The reason that the mother doesn't want children to come inside is because they may mess up the house or break something, and if she gives one child tea, she has to give others as well which may turn out a bit expensive.

This particular short story is a satire about the two different worlds between adults and children. It may be narrated by someone who perhaps may have been an adult who was lost in a child's world, like an adult who still has a heart and soul of a child but is faced with obstacles of adulthood and rules. There is a childlike voice that describes the features and attributes of the doll house and the joy of a new toy. There is also a feel of an adult voice in thehouse. This story does have a childlike feel to it portrays the beautiful colors of childhood of getting a new exciting toy, and then it also shows a cloud of adultness with certain rules that do not make sense to a child. Children will be children as they have not lived as an adult yet, so what they know is what they do know about adulthood is either forced upon them by adults or the environment they live in.

This short story is a mixture of the world of adulthood and childhood. We as adults are everything that we are from learning, watching and hearing our elders. Our elders have the responsibility of teaching everything we need to know to survive in this world. The actions of children are based on what they see being displayed by adults. In this short story in particular, the children of the rich/middle class families treat the children of poor families how their parents are seen treating their poor children's parents.

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