The Dream Island Essay

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The Dream Island

The sound of the blue oceanic waves crashed against the miles of sand on the shore, hungry seabirds searched for an appetising meal on the lonely beach. The gigantic Sun looked like a small bright pinpoint in the gigantic sky as the powerful sun rays reflected on the soft sand making the sand shiny and shimmery. The delicate smell of salty water and the soft feel of the breeze soothed my senses .In the distance the cheerful sea meets the gentle sky creating an elegant horizon. What a breathtaking and beautiful sight, I was witnessing in front of my eyes. Something truly remarkable!

As I was lay on a creamy bouncy beach chair, enjoying a delicious drink, a captivating grey dolphin rose out of the sea to sense the delicate wind. Time went by and the sun started to set I slowly started to walk along the narrow shore. The more I walked the busier the area seemed to get as the beach started to turn into a road and more and ...view middle of the document...

A few species glanced at us from a strange and distant place on the top of tall trees. As we walked deeper into the forest, sweet birds’ were singing above us. We were wandering into the forest and night approached very quickly. The light was fading, creating dark shadows and silhouettes. Small spooky eyes seemed to glimmer from the tree hole. As Alice got scared she squeezed my arm as tightly as she could. The wind wailed between the trees carrying leaves across both of our faces.

I shouted, screamed and woken up realising that I had woken up from a Dream...A dream from the Dream Island.

Cold, hesitant light streamed in through a cracked window, casting eerie shadows on the walls. As I stared outside the window, I could hear the noisy, disturbing London North Circular Road traffic passing by where there seemed to be an endless amount of cars flowed through the A406 and honked their monotone horns. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry, not worried about anything going around them.

The eerie, chill in the air made me shudder and sent a tingle down my spine. Misshaped trees whistled violently as the grey smoky clouds seem to sweep the life out of the trees. As day turned into night, shops were closing and the public cleared away.

I saw my wife portrait staring at me from behind layers of dust, seemingly penetrating my very being. Turn back’ she seemed to say, but I swallowed a nervous whimper. Whirling around, I saw nothing but the empty hallway and the enjoyed her adorable face in the portraits staring at me.

She had a pale white porcelain skin which glimmered in the beaming sunlight, a crooked grin playing upon her luscious red lips, she had a bouncy brown eyebrows sitting on her eyes, and she smelled of roses with a face more beautiful than any rose God created. Her smile reflected my golden heart, which brightened up the darkest hour of night, and eyes that out shine any star. With hands as soft as silk and full of love, she accepted me.

She was gone…I could see nor hear her. She has forgotten that I was waiting for her, waited until she came back. She is dreadful, foolish woman who did not notice her family and I were worried about her. She left without saying “Goodbye”!

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