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The Drunk Bus Should Be Kept Around

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The “Drunk Bus” Should Be Kept Around

I remember hearing stories of such a thing called the “drunk bus” before I came to college, but I was not exactly sure what it was. I just figured the bus took a bunch of drunken college students to the bars when they wanted to go. Now that I am a first-year student at State U, I understand I was not that far from the truth. Some say the bus should be taken away, but the fact of the matter is the bus is a necessity at college since there will always be drinking. This way, when all of the students are done drinking at school and want to go to the bars, they are not putting themselves or any other members of the community in danger by drinking and ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, this shows how the bus has more than one use of just transporting drunken students.

Students will always drink

I read a very interesting book called Behind the Arch: The Truth about Drinking at Buena Vista University. This book explained how the Storm Lake, IA community feels that having the “drunk Bus” around only encourages students to drink. I think the community needs to realize if there were no bus to transport intoxicated students to and from the bars, the students only option would be to drive intoxicated, which should never happen. “Eighty-five percent (or 334) of the 395 students who completed the online survey indicated they drank” (14). It is common knowledge there will always be drinking at college even if the “drunk bus” is banned. The logical decision would be to keep the bus running for Buena Vista University.

Is the bus worth the money?

The cost of the bus is also a reason the community of Storm Lake is not happy. Even though the community does not have to pay anything for the bus, they feel it has a drastic effect on the expensive tuition here at Buena Vista University. Molly Luchtel,...

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