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The Dust Bowl Essay

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The Dust Bowl

The early 1900's were a time of turmoil for farmers in the United States, especially in the Great Plains region. After the end of World War I, overproduction by farmers resulted in low prices for crops. When farmers first came to the Midwest, they farmed as much wheat as they could because of the high prices and demand. Of the ninety-seven acres, almost thirty-two million acres were being cultivated. The farmers were careless in their planting of the crop, caring only about profit, and they started plowing grasslands that were not made for planting.

Because of their constant plowing year after year and the lack of rainfall, the soil was quickly losing its fertility. ...view middle of the document...

Because of the drought, the ground became very dry in the Great Plains. This area, known as the Dust Bowl, was a region of horrible dust storms during most of the 1930's. The storms accompanied the drought and intensified the problems of the farmers. With the drought, many fields were not in a situation to grow crops. Since the fields were so dry, the topsoil would easily blow away with the passing wind. In 1932 many fields were starting to be brutally damaged by the dust. The Oklahoma Panhandle was hit for twenty-two straight days of dust storms, which created drifts everywhere. This flying dirt killed off much of the crops. In a one-year span 139 days were considered to have had dust storms. Even though the dirt storms were less common in 1934, it was the year in which national attention was gained for the region because of the extreme heat. Also in 1934, approximately 350 million tons of soil was lost in just one storm. The following year was a time of large, powerful dust storms. During the month of May in 1935, a storm known as "Black Sunday" created winds up to sixty miles per hour and left many farms ruined.

The storms were normality by 1935, and extreme weather was a common characteristic....

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