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The Dying Rooms Essay

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Janica “Ken” Marie R. Concepcion
Sec. A54A
“The Dying Rooms”

The Chinese Government introduced the one-child policy back in 1978 and implanted it in 1980. The cause of implementing this was the high chance of overpopulation in China. Before the one-child policy was implemented, the government encouraged its people to have as many children as they can since it was believed that it will empower the country. Then in the early 1970’s the population of china grew to more than 900 million, it was here that the government started to encourage its citizens to marry at an older age and have only two children.
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The ‘dying rooms’ are called that since the children who were abandoned because of this policy are left uncared for in these orphanages. Most of the orphans are girls since they are the undesired child. They do not have clothes, they are not fed properly or are being cared for properly. Due to these circumstances most of the girls die from sicknesses not tended to or malnutrition. These ‘dying rooms’ are not publicly known or shown by the government. The women who were also pregnant during the implementation of the policy were forced to have an abortion if it was found out that the child they were bearing was their second child. The children in the dying rooms only have two outcomes when they live there, they were adopted by families or they are just gone, but the children who do survive have a lower chance of getting an education or job when they grow up to be adults since if you are in a ‘dying room’, you basically don’t have an ID required or resources required for education or employment. Some of the rights of women back in the early 1980’s were also violated since there have been rumours about the government forcing women pregnant with their second child to have an abortion and a sterilization. This has not been officially reported to the world but it some women who are not named have been confessing to different reporters to expose some of the actions of the Chinese government. Many women and children were abused in the earlier years in this policy but then the lives of the many outweigh the lives of a few.

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