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The Economical Aspects Of The American Constitution. Talks About How The American Constitution Was An Economical Paper

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Money is the most powerful entity. With money you are able to control anything. Money is used as a medium of exchange, a store of value, keeps score, and can be used as a standard of deferred payment. As the forefathers of the constitution were writing the articles, they included economic details for many reasons. The three major reasons for the constitution being an economic document are the writers, commerce, and debt.The writers of the Constitution were people who could be affected by the fluctuation of money; therefore, the Constitution based many Articles on economy. The United States is dependent on what the writers illustrate. For example, those who wrote the paper are wealthy ...view middle of the document...

Commerce of the 1780s dealt with conflicts between taxes and tariffs that affected the moods of the civilians. Therefore, the Constitution is written as a document that declares the ability to tax and tariff in order to fulfill the arguments from the citizens of the United States. The Commerce clause (Article 1, Section 8) states the trading regulations with foreign nations, states, and Indian tribes. Also, the Export clause (Article 1, Section 9) describes the duties of congress and their ability to issue taxes on imports or exports. (Shi) These paragraphs differentiate the difference between a failing nation and an economically striving nation. These clauses prove the involvement of economic arguments in the Constitution. The Constitution describes the ability to have an outcome on the farming and working social classes. These clauses have the ability to preserve the American nationalistic views by creating a larger than normal expense on foreign goods, either through tariffs or from outlawing trade.The Constitution deals with the construction of the American coinage system and also the debt that the United States encloses. The first problem that America undergoes is the conflict of a worthless coinage system. The colonial dollar is not accepted and considered valueless. The Coinage clause (Article 1, Section 8) develops the congressional power to issue currency that the United States must embrace as a whole nation. After the issue of stable money is achieved, the subject of the innumerous amount of debt that the United States owes for various reasons, including war efforts and expansion efforts. Article VI Section 1 discusses, "All debts contracted and engagements entered into, before the adoption of this...

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