The Effect If Merit Pay On Student Acheivement: An Analysis Of Programs And Their Impact

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The Effect of Merit Pay on Student Achievement:An Analysis of Programs and their ImpactTavari TurnerColumbus State UniversityThe Effect of Merit Pay on Student AchievementAn Analysis of Programs and their ImpactEvery community and state at large wants to create the greatest future for the place they are. Parents and taxpayers alike want to ensure that the education system in their community is the best around. They truly understand that the education system plays a very large role in developing youth into positive and productive citizens. There is also a lot of attention placed around the fact that the cost of education is rising each year and the improvements in the system are not really ...view middle of the document...

This process continues and if the system works the ineffective teachers will be encouraged to leave the movement based on the gradual decrease of payment. Meanwhile, only the effective teachers would be left because of the theorized constant turnover of the ineffective educators.Proponents of the program also cite that the system has also helped with instructional cost in the long term due to the effectiveness of the teachers and their programs (Cowley, 11). The theory is based on the fact that lower-performing schools must purchase more resources to assist with "bridging the gap" of student achievement. The work that is done in the classroom is extremely important and expense incurred could drop based on the effectiveness of the teacher.Tennessee is a state that has decided to implement a performance program for its educators. During the 2011-2012 school years, 13 school districts began a teacher and administrator performance pay system. There was $36 million in Federal Teacher Incentive funds grants were earmarked for the program. The increases in pay are determined by student performance and evaluations from supervisors. The teachers in this program can be given more of an increase based on their participation in professional learning opportunities. Teachers in grades pre-kindergarten through third grade are eligible for an extra $2,100 at the end of the year. Grades 4-12 teachers can receive $3,600, assistant principals can receive $4,000, and principals can receive up to $5,500. This program is currently being implemented in order to assist teachers with the development of their classrooms and student achievement. Evaluation continues for this program and initial results show that this program has increased student performance. While most of the programs were discontinued after the experimental phase, they did prove to be moderately effective. According to many studies conducted on the topic, there are five principle reasons why merit pay should not be used as a basis for rewarding teachers.First, teachers in the school who were not rewarded during the program felt they were being treated unfairly. They felt that because the education system is reliant on the collaboration of teachers, administration, and many other professionals in the building to help students ramp up for success (Clinton, Long 22). The teachers felt that certain merit systems undermined the collaboration put into helping the student obtain their fullest potential.Second, teacher unions do not support merit pay because of the tension it brings between teachers because of the competitive nature of the program. The union has taken this position, making reaching agreements with the union under merit pay system difficult. The third reason that has created difficulty for merit pay systems to be approved was because some schools have high turn-over rates making the analysis of student data extremely cloudy and could cause data to be incorrect.Fourth, the Merit Pay systems are...

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