The Effect Of Different Concentrations Of Sucrose Solutions In Potato Cells

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The Effect of Different Concentrations of Sucrose Solutions in Potato Cells


I predict that the potato cylinder that is immersed in distilled water
will increase in size the most out of all the potato cylinders. I
think this because, in this solution there will 10ml of pure water,
no sucrose, which means the potato can absorb the most possible water
through osmosis, there are no molecules that can‘t be absorbed.
Whereas in the other solutions, the sugar molecules won’t be able to
travel through the potato’s membrane because it is semi permeable so
through osmosis, only water molecules can diffuse from the higher
concentration outside ...view middle of the document...

* 2 potatoes to collect the 15 potato cylinders from.

* 1 cork borer to create the cylindrical shape of the potato to go
in the test tube.

* 1 sharp knife the cut the potato cylinders to identical lengths.

* 1 white tile to cut the potatoes on.

* 1 test tube rack to hold all the test tubes.

* 1 stop watch to time how long the potato cylinders are in the
solutions for.

* 1 ruler to measure the changes in length of the potato cylinders.

* 1 measuring cylinder/pipette to measure out 10cm of the solution
each time.

* 30ml of each concentration of the 5 different sucrose solutions.

Possible Variables:

These are the possible factors that I could change, which would affect
the results of the experiment:

Time: the longer the potato cylinders are left in the solutions, the
more or less they could decrease/increase in size dependent on the
solution they are in.

Temperature: is known to affect the rate of reactions and it would
also affect the results in this experiment because if the temperature
is hotter, osmosis would happen more quickly because the particles
would have more energy to move around; meaning the potato cylinder
would increase more in size.

Solution volume: Obviously if there is more of one solution, there is
more water in this case to travel through the semi-permeable membrane
of the potato, so it would increase in size more.

The potato cylinders: If the sizes of the cylinders are different, the
surface area of the potato membranes would be different so some could
absorb through osmosis more or less of the solution.

Concentration of solution: the more sucrose in a solution, the less
water there is to be absorbed, so in my prediction, the less increase
in size.

The only factor I will be changing is the solution concentration.
Therefore it is vital that all the other possible variables are kept
the same.


Concentration of glucose

Original size (cm)

Result 1(cm)

Result 2 (cm)

Result 3 (cm)

Average (cm)

Distilled water





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