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The Effect Of Discourses In Port On Gender Identities

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[Type text] [Type text] [Type text]9EFFECT OF DISCOURSES IN SPORTThe Effect of Discourses in Sport on Gender IdentitiesDevin DianoAcademic Writing 1000Professor H. ConnollyApril 14, 2014For most athletes their sport careers sprouted at a young age, when it was all about playing outside with friends and family, and having fun. Whether playing catch with your dad in the backyard, kicking a ball around at the nearby park, or a game of street hockey on a summer day; most young boys and girls saw sports as no more then a fun past time, and a better alternative to sitting inside doing math homework. However, as athletes grow up and become involved in competitive and club sports, they are presented ...view middle of the document...

Each of these shows' present the culture of American football in generally the same way, and are constructing the identities of male football players in a way that influences viewers to believe all male football athletes must act in the same manner. This masculine gender identity is shown through the lives of the characters on each show, where we see how their personalities and individual identities are shaped through sport.Lastly, relationships and interactions between players and coaches on sports teams create various gender identities. These interactions can consist of anything from language used by a coach while addressing his team, to the way a coach motivates his players, or even simple locker room talk between teammates. Examples of these interactions were analyzed in a study completed by Adi Adams, Eric Anderson, and Mark McCormack, entitled "Establishing and Challenging Masculinity: The Influence of Gendered Discourses in Organized Sport." For the purpose of their study, the authors' focused on a men's semiprofessional British soccer team (Adams, Anderson, McCormack, 2010). Their goal was to examine "how coaches and players constructed and regulated masculinity in organized sports" (Adams, Anderson, McCormack, 2010).A deeper exploration into the above discourses in sport will provide an in-depth understanding and knowledge base on their effects towards creating and challenging various gender identities.Sport advertisement plays a major role in marketing different professional athletes all around the world. Some of the main sport advertisements that exhibit athletes are various magazine brands; these magazines present images that influence viewer perspectives on athletes. A lot of magazines display what it means to be a female or male athlete, and there are noticeable differences on how they represent gender identities. Sports Illustrated is a perfect example of a magazine brand that develops contrasting ideologies of male and female sport, and the gender identities of each. Two conflicting Sports Illustrated magazine covers that can be analyzed are the editions with male Swiss tennis star Roger Federer, and female Serbian tennis star Ana Ivanovic, seen in Figure 1.0. Firstly, looking at the cover with Federer we can see an apparent creation of a masculine tennis player gender identity. Sports Illustrated is displaying Federer in an intense moment during a game, he is being presented as strong and serious, and as someone who should not be taken lightly. With subtitles appearing next to his picture reading "Master Stroke…Roger Federer Makes His Case As the Best Ever" (Sports Illustrated, 2009) the magazine presents Federer's identity as someone who is a master of his sport, and arguably the best tennis player to live. The Sports Illustrated cover photo is creating a masculine gender identity that supports men being dominant in the sports world over female athletes. This can be seen through comparing the Federer cover photo to the...

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