The Effect Of Violent Essay

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Personal Profile

I possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to develop mutually beneficial relationships with clients and colleagues alike.
I am now looking for a new and challenging position, one which will make best use of my skills and experience and enable further personal and professional development.
I am keen to learn and develop new skills.
I am also good in making decisions in extreme situations.
My desire is to get out of life everything i can, so i work hard, try to be honest, liable and efficient.
I am ambitious, flexible, reliable, hard worker, team player.
I am happy to work on my own as well as a member of team.
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I’m a hardworking and very reliable employee.
A reliable and responsible person with large previous experience
I have the proven ability to work effectively and succeed in a multi-cultural and busy environment.
Have the ability to communicate with a wide range of people, analysing their needs and initiating an appropriate course of action.
Well-organized, hard working, flexible, reliable, with high professional standards, adaptable to new ideas and working practices.
Ability to form effective working relations with colleagues at all levels.
I cope well under pressure and have good communication skills to also work as part of a team.
I am confident, flexible, experienced and highly organized person who can work with my own initiative, deal on any level with excellent organizational skills and provide full support and advice to the team.
I am capable of working alone or as part of a team and can be relied upon to maintain company standards at all times.
Ability to establish priorities, work independently and proceed with objectives without supervision.
I am always trying to do the best in anything I am doing.
I have excellent organisational and communication skills, enjoy working with people and can work on my own initiative.
I have a positive approach to hard work and I am a reliable and flexible individual in undertaking my own duties and any other tasks required.
I am a hardworking, ambitious, flexible person, who strives on meeting new people; self-motivated individual with passion for perfection and accuracy.
I am an enthusiastic and determined individual who enjoys working with others and meeting new people.
I also enjoy learning new skills and am able to work well without supervision.
Enterprising, able to prioritise the work, result-oriented, able to absorb information quickly, easily comunicating, flexible, enthusiastic and willing to learn.
I consider myself as a reliable and participating person who is willing to work to a high standard.
I have strong verbal and written communication skills and ability to relate to a wide range of people.
An enthusiastic, cheerful, responsible, industrious, hard and quickly learning, easy understand computers, self-organized person with experience in electrician mate, lay internet cables connect to computers.
Able to work well on own initiative whilst demonstrating the organisation and prioritisation required to achieve deadlines and objectives.
I respond flexibly and positively to any changes.
I have experience to manage cleaning from constructions sites throughout pre/post tenancy cleans to carpet cleaning with the highest standard.
Outgoing with strong and effective organizational skills.
I am an energetic and enthusiastic person with strong attention to details.
I am happy, energetic and keen to try new things.
Excellent team and communication, administration and organisational skills, an approachable manner, ability to work under pressure, responsibility for taking...

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