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The Effect On Smoking Cigarette Banned In Public

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Cigarette smoking
“There Is Nothing either Good or Bad, Hard or Easy,
It’s How We Choose to Think That Makes It So.”
~ William Shakespeare~
Cigarettes are drugs that have a high risk of dangerous drugs that cause the disease to the body of smokers and people who live nearby. Currently, there are many more smokers are aware of the adverse effects of smoking. But the number of smokers is still increasing. Especially worrisome and continue to cause adverse effects in both polite society and the environment. Smoking is much more to keep the population down to health problems and premature death. Of death, with smoking rates higher than other causes of death combined, including AIDS ...view middle of the document...

There are laws out. Prohibit sale of cigarettes to persons under the age of 18 years, but the defense is not good enough. I shop for my hand in the matter. I bought it for them and when they are smoking. Drug users are more and more people may lead to other drugs such as alcohol and smoking before they start. Heroin, marijuana, amphetamines, ecstasy, and may have come from if we look at the overall youth as a major force in the future to develop the nation if the substance is negative consequences. The capacity of developing countries, less than the social, economic, environmental risks, according to the second cause is the cause of this problem with other people as well. Young people often need friends. And friends are important variables that can lead us into the good and not good. Teens tend to think of it with a group of friends. We are like friends if your sport is played by a friend. If your friends smoke, drink alcohol, we want as friends to the group. I have no friends if we have good friends. Who will lead us in a good way, if you get worse? Who will lead us to the poor? So it's important to choose my friends. When my friends do is not good. Should alert friends and should not do. I think that the future we will also find many other friends and the third is by a parent or someone in the house, the behavior of a parent or someone in the house, example of good and bad for children. The absorption behavior of adults and may lead to behaviors that can be used or copied it bad behavior. Do not show adult children to recognize. They might think that what adults do the right thing and may be a simple matter. Children should be closely Teach children to know what is good what is bad, and advising him that the reason is social. This is similar to two reasons. Some people only want to socialize and work to the society. Without any fear that society will not Society does not recognize a difference in society and the fifth is a compound that stress, smoking, stress can make you feel relaxed. Many people have different reasons to relax. People who smoke cigarettes to relieve stress will be much faster than other causes, if the amount of nicotine in the body decreases. Smokers with stress easily to be pumped regularly, so whether it's the cause. Would be affected by the dangers of smoking and when it's hard to quit smoking.
Smoking cause many diseases and receive effect from toxicity in cigarette smoking. According to the Nurses and smoking, (2006), “Toxicants in cigarettes contain Nicotine, Tar, Carbon monoxide, Hydrogen dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Ammonia, Cyanide, Thiocyanate, and radioactive materials” (p. 4-5). These are substances that cause an impact on the system of the body. And carcinogenic toxins, they also affect people who are close to the smokers as well. Which are toxic not only called secondhand smoke exposure from inhalation of toxic smoke from smokers? The disease can be serious as well as smokers from various diseases caused by...

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