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The Effects Of Abortion Essay

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The Effects of Abortion
Most women can have many reasons of having an abortion but they realized what damaged they could have done to themselves and the people around them? What about the baby that hasn't start living as human being? To indicate more information about this topic, women has high chances of not only getting effected through physically, but also mentally and spiritually, which brings a far deeper meaning in this topic. The effects could bring short and long term effects, cancer, infertility, post-abortion syndrome etc. However, most women do not realize the risks that they are taking after making such a decision.
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The risk increases even more if age is below 18 years of age. The women who are suffering from this condition, will have to go through several painful therapies and treatments.
As a consequence, many women do believed that there is a time and place to be pregnant and when it happens in a wrong time and place, they turn their options to abortion. Unfortunately, these women were not properly informed about the consequences of getting an abortions, especially to those who think that they have a second perfect chance of getting pregnant after having abortion. Another risk is secondary infertility which means women who previously conceived their child, are not able to do so, the next time.
But we should also consider post-abortion syndrome which is a post-traumatic stress disorder. This depends on the individual itself as for the symptoms of this condition. Such common symptoms or side effects for this is self-harm and suicides, depression, involvement in unsafe activities, unable to perform daily self-care activities, eating disorders, panic disorders etc. Women tend to want to be pregnant again after the abortion and to take place the one that she had previously aborted. Whenever this happens, the woman will experience physical and emotional pain of having to go through a meaningless abortion. Sadly, even if the woman achieves in having he second child born, she is never able to recover her previous loss. The woman will probably have trouble communicating with her second child as she feels guilty and fearful.
Besides that, the mental issues that women go through are quite dangerous if they are carefully watched and taken care of. During the period of after having an abortion, it could affect the patient or client mentally and spiritually because of fear and guilt that previously mentioned before. Suicidal thoughts and actions is probably their thought of escaping that...

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