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The Effects Of Aids And Hiv In The World

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With reference to one animal or human disease, explain why its economic consequences vary spatially.AbstractThe AIDS epidemic claimed more than 3 million lives in 2002,and an estimated 5 million people acquired the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in 2002 - bringing to 42 million the number of people globally living with the virus.As the world enters the third decade of the AIDS epidemic, the evidence of its impact is undeniable. Wherever the epidemic has spread unchecked, it is robbing countries of the resources and capacities on which human security and development depend. In some regions, HIV/AIDS, in combination with other crises, is ...view middle of the document...

" HIV moves through populations in a series of overlapping epidemics, once the virus has spread widely among people with very risky behaviour, preventing its spread to others becomes increasingly difficult."IntroductionWhen AIDS first emerged as a disease over twenty years ago, few people could have predicted how the epidemic would evolve, and fewer still could have described with any certainty the best ways of combating it. Now, in the year 2002, it is known from experience that AIDS can devastate whole regions, knock decades off national development, widen the gap between rich and poor nations and push already-stigmatised groups closer to the margins of society.This report examines how of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and human immunodeficiency virus hinder the economic development of an economy. Development is based on socio-economic factors and is measured by taking into account the social and economic indicators. I will attempt to show how the effects vary between the more economically developed countries with stable economy, adequate public sector investment, large consumer confidence with high productivity levels leading to high GDP and a high GNP both per capita or nationally. Compared with less economically developed countries will have the opposite, low GNP and GDP and a fluctuating economy with lacking the basic infrastructure. The main indicator, which distinguishes between the two, is the Human Development Index. HDI is calculated by taking into account various factors as shown below.

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