The Effects Of Air Pollution On Health

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There is no doubt that air pollution is a serious problem in today's society. It is almost impossible to escape and has negative effects on the health and well-being of the human race. Air pollution has become such a problem over the years that an Air Quality Index was established to warn people when to stay inside. Although people unwittingly cause air pollution every day, there are many types, having negative short term and long term effects on the overall health of the human race.

Both indoor and outdoor pollution are generated by people every day, many times unknowingly. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, indoor pollution is caused by "cigarette smoking, the use of certain construction materials, cleaning products, and home furnishing". Many people do not even realize they are contributing to the air ...view middle of the document...

Air pollution is also the reason for acid rain. Chemicals released by factories and power plants can get into the clouds and travel thousands of miles before raining back down to earth.

Due to the fact that air pollution is almost unavoidable, there are many long term effects on the health of society. Some very deadly problems arise from the prolonged exposure to pollutants. According to the Lawrence Berkley Laboratory the consequences of breathing tainted air include lung cancer, heart disease, nerve damage and chronic respiratory problems. Breathing toxins from factories, traffic and especially cigarettes are destructive to the human body. Nearly half a million people die every year because of cigarettes alone.

In addition to several long term effects of air pollution, there are many short term effects hazardous to our health. These short term effects are immediately recognizable. Breathing dirty air can cause irritated eyes and throat. Some people have headaches and even nausea when exposed to pollutants. Conditions such as asthma and emphysema can irritated by air pollution. During the winter of 1952 in London, approximately 12,000 people died due to heavy smog (DeAngelo).

Although many people do not care about making the "greener" choice, the health of children is at risk. Columbia University recently conducted a study confirming that neighborhoods with higher pollution rates have more asthmatic kids. It is easy to cut down on air pollution if everyone would make small changes in their daily lives. Children are forced to suffer sever breathing problems because society is dependent on many of the things causing air pollution.

In conclusion, air pollution is a serious problem on society's general health and wellbeing. Air pollution can also damage animal and plant life on Earth. Even if someone lives far from the cause of air pollution does not mean they are safe from its effects. Both the short term and long term effects of air pollution are negative effects on our health.

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