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The Effects Of Alternative Family Types On Children

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The Effects of Alternative Family Types on Children.

People used to know the traditional family in which the father was the leader of the family and responsible for its well being. The mother’s role on the other hand, was to take care of her husband and raise their children. Things, however, have changed dramatically in the last decades,not only regarding the roles the parents have but also the sex of the parents. Today, there is a large number of families whose members are of the same sex. The question,is should these same-sex parents have children? And, if yes, do these children live a normal life in and out of home? I, personally, would agree with Ellen C. Perrin, MD, ...view middle of the document...

Really, do such children face more problems than children of traditional families? There are families with two mums who do their best to satisfy their child’s needs. There are some families, though with heterosexual parents who live their ownlives, the father devoted to his work and the mother trying to look as pretty as she can so as to be more and more attractive to her husband and “not only” him. Cameron, also mentions some examples of children who lived a horrible life with their gay or lesbian mothers who ignore them and drag them to various meetings. But, has he ever considered how many children of heterosexual parents have lived divorces, endless fights between their parents and ill-treating by their fathers just because they want their sons to be like them? Therefore, I will agree with Ellen C. Perrin, MD, professor of paediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, who states “Some studies showed that single heterosexual parents’ children have more difficulties than children who have parents of the same-sex,”(qtd in Alfano par. 7).
Moreover, let us not forget that homosexual parents are very eager to have a family when they decide to adopt a child. I will agree with Nan Rich, who in the article “Letting Gays Adopt Opens More Loving Homes to Foster Kids” states “Not a single credible academic study supports the notion that same-sex couples should be excluded from adopting. And indeed, in Florida, gay and lesbian people serve as loving, capable foster parents.”(Richpar.6) We must always have in mind that these same-sexparents have made enormous efforts to adopt a child. Efforts that may have lasted years before they finally became successful. These efforts alone show the strong desire of these people to become parents. Now, just think how reasonable it is for these parents to show much love to their, adopted child in comparison to parents, who quite a lot of times have children coming out of an undesired pregnancy or...

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