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The Effects Of Child Abandonment Essay

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The Effects of Child Abandonment
Shawna Upchurch
Liberty University

Abstract- This is about children being abandoned not only in Romania but also all over the world. Most of the time it is from birth but sometimes the child could be older. It gives you an idea about what happens to children when they are abandoned mostly in Romania. How they are places and what is being done to prevent this from happing worst then what it already is.
Key Terms: Children abandonment, Romania, United States, Vilonia.
Child abandonment is a major issue in the world not just in one country or in one year. It can happen at any time of any day in any ...view middle of the document...

“It was envisaged that 0-3 years old children represent that most vulnerable category in terms of long-term consequences of institutionalization and from the point of view of the future family reintegration possibilities and regarding the serious attachment disorders.” (Popescu,(2016) pg. 2) Not only can attachment disorders be an effect of abandonment but so can low self-esteem, anxiety, malnutrition, lack of adequate health care, or/and substandard hygiene. Some are long term effects why others are short term. The biggest one is attachment disorders because without the parents there from the time of birth. The child will not know now to love someone. This could cause problems later in life with their relationships.
Results of this research is that from 2003-2013 the numbers of children between the age of 0-3 years old that had been place in public centers has went down a little each year. “Also, the number of 0-3 year old children from public orphanages has decreased steadily from 2003 to 2006, standing out the deinstitutionalization efforts and measures taken to promote the maintaining of the family ties and to prevent child abandon, in accord with the Law 272 from 2004”. (Popescu,(2016) pg. 2) This is a good law to have as it is trying to keep the children in the family or give them to a family that would want them. It also keeps the siblings together. If a child does not have their parents at least they will have their brother and/or sister with them. (Popescu,(2016) pg. 1) Children abandonment in Romania for the years of 2003-2013 has went down that shows that the laws that was place in that country is being followed and not just being ignored like some countries do.
Discussion speaks about how this problem is not just in Romania but it is all over the world. It can be heard about everywhere even in the United States. It is best not to think that children being abandoned in just one part of the world because they are not. They are being abandoned all over. Even at some places that were never heard of about children being abandon. It also speaks about how most of the children abandon are new born that was left in the hospitals instead of on the streets. A child being abandon in a hospital is better than them being on the streets as on the streets they risk more. In the hospital the child then can get the proper medical care that is needed and then given to the state or foster care to be taken care of until they are able to find a family to put the child with.
In the United States there are cases of child abandonment. Most states have laws on it so that parents are not just abandoning any child that they did not want to deal with anymore. In Nebraska has a law on children abandonment but they did not state the age that the child has to be. Parents were dropping their children off at safe places like hospitals and then just taken off leaving them there. In the Times by Karen Ball had stated that the children that was abandon was...

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