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The Effects Of Child Abuse And Neglect

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Imagine being a child and having your own father or mother hitting or burning your body, making sexual advances towards you, or just never being there for you when you need them. Becca, who decided to keep her last name anonymous, told about her experiences with being abused as a child in the Admit to Child Abuse web page. She told of her story by saying that she was "the victim of child sexual abuse and was abused for approximately 7 years by my father. Even at my age (22) now it is hard to put what happened to me into words" (Admit to Child Abuse). Well, more abuse like Becca's happens to children in today's society and they are victims of just those things. Many people may not realize ...view middle of the document...

Some more physical indicators would be bite marks, swelling on any parts of the body, and fractures in awkward places. Behavioral indicators from the child to look out for when determining if someone is being physically abused is if the child avoids physical contact with others, gives inconsistent versions about injuries that they have, does not seem to want to go home after school, seems frightened of parents and there are also many more. Also another way of spotting an indication of physical abuse is by looking at the family and the parents and assessing their lifestyles. Many family members who have parents who have little interest in the child, constantly criticizes and has inappropriate expectations for the child are at higher risk to abuse their children. Also, alcohol and drug abuse can play a big role in parents physically abusing their children. The Prevent Child Abuse America research center states in an article that "more than one million children are confirmed each year as victims of child abuse"and 81 percent of the reported cases have been causes of substance abuse. Also, it is said that child of alcoholics suffer a great deal of injuries and poisonings then any other children. Some parents even go as far as using a knife or gun on their children. More commonly though, physical abusers usually burn, bite, kick, and beat up the child that they are abusing. A younger child appears to be at a greater risk for being physically abused and even killed. One reason that this tends to be true is that "young children are very frail and are easily injured" (Gelles 54). Some parents are not ready for the responsibilities of having their own child so they seem to not be able to handle a new baby. For instance, some parents have unrealistically high expectations for their children. For example, say a six-month-old was brought into the hospital for being beaten because that child was not toilet trained yet. This expectation, which is stated by Calam and Franchi, of toilet training that this parent had was extremely unrealistic (5). Children do not even tend to toilet train until they are about two years old. What is being stated here is that physical abuse is happening for many different reasons and is causing great harm to many people.

Sexual abuse is when a child is exposed or subjected to sexual activity, contact, or behavior. The adult usually receives this sexual activity through "manipulation, exploitation, threats, or even physical force" (Hart-Rossi 32). The indicators for sexual abuse are a little harder to pick up on then the indicators of physically abused children. Stated in ERIC Digest Series Number 61, some physical indicators would be difficulty walking or sitting, stained or bloody underwear, and pain or itching in the genital area (ED # 31151). In younger children those signs are a little easier to see. There tends to be a lot of behavioral indicators when a child is being sexually abused. Usually, some of these children...

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