The Effects Of Global Warming Essay

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The majority of people on the planet are completely oblivious to the amount of carbon dioxide they produce on a day-to-day basis. The majority of us wake up, maybe drink a cup of coffee, some go to a job, eat a few times, maybe have a little fun, and then go to sleep. Each day goes by and little do we realize that the carbon we produce as humans has a very devastating effect on the world we live in. Global warming is a major problem that affects our atmosphere, agriculture, oceans, and, most importantly, humanity.
As a result of humanity’s carelessness, the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide is now 380 parts per million (“ppm”), compared to 275 ppm as it was in previous years. ...view middle of the document...

Although one degree may seem small, it can throw a stable world out of place. It is predicted that Montana’s Glacier National Park will lose its last glaciers by 2030. This is estimated due to the fact that during the Cold War, nuclear powered submarines needed information regarding their voyage under the now 40% thinner arctic ice, which was declassified during Clinton’s administration.
The definition of global warming is “the gradual increase of the earth’s atmosphere”, which can be a misleading phrase. The extra solar radiation that is trapped can cause many catastrophic effects, including; an increase in wind and heat driven gradients between high and low pressure and sea level elevation. Since warm air holds and retains more moisture than cold air, evaporation increases, which is then followed by a drought. Once the heavy clouds are overwhelmed with moisture, a down-pour may occur, potentially resulting in a flood. With the drastic changes in weather conditions, our crops and fringe lands will fail.
There are two circumstances that will decide our time on Earth - the rate of which the world is changing and the pace that civilization is reacting to this physical change. It is pretty clear what must happen. Humans must consume less, and manage our precious and valuable resources better than we have in the past. We must use and harvest renewable resources, and be economically friendly. The integration of wind mills, wind turbines, solar panels, and steam generators will greatly help our planet from this very possible catastrophic event.
Throughout my day-to-day activity, I usually observe a good amount of people wasting our resources. From the water we drink to the gas we burn up while racing down the street. This article really calls to me on a personal level. I strive to maintain a clean and economically healthy environment, and when I see other people trashing the world we live in, it greatly upsets me. Assuming I have children one day, I would not be pleased with this world I am passing to them. As we chop down trees to make room for more mansions, domesticated and wild animals must search for food, even sometime eating contaminated food or plastic. If we do not collaborate as a whole and do something about this epidemic, I’m afraid our world and our wildlife...

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