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The Effects of Media, Video Games, or Internet- Based Social Media on Teen Behavior


Behaviors are influenced by the concepts of learning and conditioning. Learning is a natural process that occurs passively. Everyone gets new ideas that are indicative of the process of learning. The study of the relationship between learning and behavior is significant. This is because we need to understand how behaviors are leaned before changing them. The concepts of behavior and learning are essential for parenting. The three common learning styles include auditory (where learning is achieved through the sense of hearing), visual (where a learner ...view middle of the document...

He/she might be convinced to try it at home-the same way like in the media or video games. This is the main reason behind early handling of guns and drugs (Strasburger, 1995).
Time wastage
Watching movies and music clips, playing video games and chatting on the social media consumes a lot of time which when used effectively, can be productive. Most teens, due to the influence of the above named vices, waste too much time that would have been spent on handling school work. The teenagers also find it hard to socialize with each other in the neighborhood. This bars interactions through physical activities such as sporting and hence the relationship between them becomes void. Some teenagers don’t even get time to eat and hence compromising their health (Rosenthal, 1986).
Enhancement of learning
The media may contain relevant educational content that might be relevant for learning new ideas. Such content includes educational programs on TV, print media comprising of academic books and the Radio. It has also been scientifically proven that playing video games enhances the capability of a teen to gain knowledge (Robinson, 2001). New ideas also develop in the process of gaming. The forums created within the internet-based social media are also significant because they are used as platforms for exchanging relevant educational information and the up-to-date information on the daily trends of occurrences around the world (Strasburger, 1995).
Talent development
Talent is congenital (an attribute that one is born with) but if poorly natured can be wasted. This is why an individual has to identify his/her talent and begin to nature it as soon as possible to avoid talent loss. Through watching the television, listening to radio, playing games or getting involved in the social media forums, one can learn several ways of going about with talent development. Most kids learn through imitation and hence watching what they like intrinsically radiates the passion for that act. They then pick up from that point to nature and practice their talents. A model would probably be interested in watching modeling content, a footballer would be interested in watching live football games while a game programmer and developer would be interested in how gaming...

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