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The Effects Of Otaku Culture To An Individual’s Study Habit

797 words - 4 pages

Assumption College, San Lorenzo Makati City
General Education Department
Sociology Area
2nd Semester, SY 2012-2013

“The Effects of Otaku Culture to an Individual’s Study Habit”

A Research Paper to be presented to Ms. Exzie Calubayan
In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements in Sociology

Villegas, Claire Bridget R.

March 15, 2013
Chapter One
“It’s not just anime! It’s a way of life!”


The real meaning of “Otaku” had a small debate when the US coined it as a term for people who are obsessed with the Japanese culture, with also a considerably large amount of love for anime and manga. However, the real meaning of the word “Otaku” could be viewed as ...view middle of the document...

Also, there have been reports of teenaged students suffering from a case called “Chuunibyou” (literally, 2nd year middle school syndrome), where they suffer from mild delusions or thinking that they possess special powers like those seen in manga characters. For adults, Otaku Culture would be nothing but distractions and a source of idiocy that influences their children, whereas teenagers (most of the time) view them as a work of art or a medium to escape reality and run away from problems by basking themselves in fantasy-oriented genres of anime. (Jesse Hicks 2012, retrieved from
The researcher chose this topic in order to find out if there are factors in being an avid otaku to an individual’s study habits: to determine if one can balance school life with otaku culture.

Statement of the Problem
This study’s goal is to find out whether being involved in Otaku Culture, whether it is by attending cosplay conventions, watching different anime titles, or reading manga, will bring about negative and drastic effects on an individual’s personality and study habit by answering the specified questions below:
* Does being an Otaku have any effects on an individual’s study habit?
* Why do parents view Otaku Culture as a “nuisance” or a “distraction”?

H00- Otaku culture has negative effects on an...

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