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The Effects Of Quality Management On Domestic And Global Competition

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The Effects of Quality Management on Domestic and Global Competition
Today the concept of quality management has emerged as a significant business practice companies want to adopt. The reason is simple: to become more effective and customer oriented. By implementing quality management, enterprises have become able to ensure quality in their products and services (The Importance of Quality Management, 2010). There are a number of quality management programs available to entrepreneurs such as Six Sigma, ISO 9000 and Total Quality Management.
Although the approach in resolving quality issues contrast with the diverse quality management programs, the goal of every business ...view middle of the document...

Also, in addition to the respective quality control programs, these companies have also adopted specific quality policies and plans that are significantly affected by company’s top and middle level management.
2. Following the adoption of quality control programs, both companies examined a detailed evaluation program. The program assists in evaluating the characteristics’ of their product and service necessities. This will also allow for the evaluation of all data used to create policy and procedure. This is done by the analysis of criteria derived from customer’s orientations and their own budget (Total Quality Management: A Continuous Improvement Process, 1996).
3. Subsequently, the executive management team formulates a program that necessitates the selection of appropriate measures, review plan and set up process of checking out (Oakland, 2003). This program is prepared by the middle management but is approved by top management in both the companies.
4. Afterwards, management establishes the essential processes whereby deviations, if any, within the existing delivery system can be identified (Luthans, 1998). At this level of the process middle management plays a key role as they are much competent to understand the deviations and interpreting their significance to lower level employees. By understanding the subsisting deviations they can easily resolve all the problems at initial level.
5. Following the identification of deviations, both the companies adopt a methodology to correct its existing deviations. This is done effectively by identifying the industry requirements and services offered by competitors. It is most critical step in the TQM applicability of both the companies as with this only it is possible for companies to attain a vital position in the industry by offering advanced and high quality services.
6. In the end, both the companies try to incorporate their efforts in terms of quality control, quality assurance and quality enhancement so that they can become competent in serving their customers with the advanced and high quality services more than that they had expected (Luthans, 1998).
Significance of Improving Quality
With the adoption of total quality management both the companies have become able to develop a culture and set of...

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