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Smoking can be deliberated as one of the maximum unsafe lifestyles that any person can have. Smoking kills more people each year, even more than motor vehicle accidents, drunk driving, and prohibited drugs. Despite this fact, people still continue to smoke today. Whatever the reason, individuals need to smoke even though they know the deadly outcome. Since there is no actual motive that causes people to smoke but a number of them possibly will start smoking because they saw somebody they idolized is smoking and believed it was cool to do it. The effect of smoking cigarettes, it can become very hazardous too human’s life.
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One of the mental states of affairs which make individual to smoke is low self-esteem.
The opinion is smoking is a deliberate way to pass away for the harm that smoking cause on human body. On the other hand, smoking can give numerous effects to the human body for instant to the mouth and throat, lung, heart and along with that it can cause cancers. The outcome of smoking to the mouth and throat causes cancer and smoking can cause cancer of the larynx and to the throat. Moreover, lung and heart acquire the outcome from smoking too. Smokers have a larger threat of lung cancer, in addition smoking causes toughening of the blood vessel. Smokers are more probable to develop gastric boils than non-smoker they moreover can acquire the abdominal cancer.
Furthermore, smoking not only can affect smoker but it also can give the same effect to those who are nonsmokers by smoke which are discharge by the cigarette during smoking. In reality, we must to give extra consideration to the outcome of smoking to the non-smokers since they acquire the severe effect than the smokers. Second hand smokers are extremely affected by the similar destructive effects created by cigarettes. Second hand smoke can also be one of the sources of cancer to a non-smoker. When an individual smokes close to you, you inhale secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is the mixture of smoke from the cigarette and the smoke exhaled out by smokers. When you inhale secondhand smoke, it is comparable to you smoking....

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