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The Effects Of Students Essay

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Research in Higher Education Journal
The Effects of Students’, Page 1
The effects of students’ knowledge and attitude on the classroom
Ulysses J. Brown, III
Savannah State University
Yonpae Park
Savannah State University
Sungwoo Jung
Columbus State University
This study examines the relationship between exogenous variables to dependent
variables of interest regarding the students’ learning of subjects. Specifically, the theoretical
model links prior computer knowledge and computer attitude to the learning of subjects and
students’ computer performance, mediated by computer self-efficacy and spreadsheet selfefficacy.
The model was empirically tested using ...view middle of the document...

This study examines the relationship between exogenous variables to dependent
variables of interest regarding business students’ learning of subjects. Specifically, the
theoretical model links students’ prior computer knowledge and computer attitude to the
learning of subjects and students’ computer performance, mediated by computer self-efficacy
and spreadsheet self-efficacy. The model was empirically tested using repeatedly measured
responses to a questionnaire from the students in a business class. The empirical technique
employs structural equations with latent variables.
Computer attitude
Monitoring the computer attitudes and developing an understanding of the factors
that affect computer attitudes will assist educators in providing appropriate learning
experiences to students. The successful integration of computers in educational environments
depends, to a great extent, on students’ attitudes towards them. In order to identify factors
that contribute to the formation of students’ attitudes, this study presents the development and
validation of widely used computer attitude scale (CAS) especially designed for accounting
information systems students. Base on CAS used by Selwyn (1997), this paper’s 6-point scale
consists of factors such as self-confidence in previous knowledge, hardware usage anxiety,
computer engagement, fears of long-lasting negative consequences of computer use and
evaluation of positive consequences of computers.
Woodrow (1992) shows that a positive computer attitude is a necessary prerequisite
and an integral part of computer literacy. Kernan and Howard (1990) examine computer
attitude and anxiety scales and find that computer anxiety and attitude toward computers
should be treated as separate constructs. They demonstrate some evidence of the convergent
validity of the computer anxiety construct but conclude that the predictive validity of
computer anxiety and various computer attitudes is low. Computer anxiety has received
considerable attention in the psychologically-based literature and is defined as generalized
emotional distress or the tendency of an individual to be uneasy, apprehensive and/or a fear
(i.e., a feeling not a belief) towards current or future use of computers (Chu and Spires 1991;
Torkzadeh and Angulo 1992; Igbaria and Iivari 1995). Computer anxiety may include
worries about embarrassment, looking foolish or even damaging computer equipment
(McInerney et al. 1994). Research suggests that computer anxiety is relatively common
among college-age undergraduate students (Lepper 1985; Pope-Davis and Vispoel 1993;
Rosen and Maguire 1990). Prior studies have found that computer anxious individuals tend to
show negative attitudes about using computers and exacerbate rather than cure the problem,
with additional computer experiences promoting further computer avoidance. Although
evidence on the effects of instruction and training on computer anxiety is...

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