The Effects Of Video Games And Violence

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The effects of video games and violence

Violence is not measured by playing video games. All studies do not show a link between video games and acts of violence, but research does show an increase in aggression. (Fournis & Abou, 2014) There have been debates about how violent video games trigger violent, aggressive behavior. (Fournis & Abou, 2014) Violent video games can impact a person’s behavior, have positive effects and negative effects on adults or kids.
Violent video games can impact a person’s behavior. “Data showed an increase in aggressive moods or thoughts and hostility after playing violent video games and suggested impairment of prosocial behavior” (Fourmis, Abou, 2014, p.1). Violent video games reward players for increased violence, which enhances violent behaviors. When playing video games with violence, people repeatedly kill people to get ...view middle of the document...

Video games offer problem solving and learning skills also a keen eye for details, video games can have a positive learning enhancement. “Results from the current analysis supported the conclusion that violent video game exposure is associated with increased visuospatial cognition. However, results of the current meta-analysis did not support a relationship between violent video game exposure and aggressive behavior” (Ferguson, 2007, p. 6).
The effects of video game violence in children is enhanced by playing the game repeatedly. To advance in the game more killing is required. When playing games like grand theft auto people kill people and steal items to get what they want rather it be money, car, or rewards. Kids are introduced to video games at an early age making them believe that some situations could be real. To certain people video games can become additive. Video games can have negative effects for kids and adults. People have committed crimes simulating video games. Increase in aggressive thoughts continued playing of violent video games can cause negative effects. “Ferguson found that violent games may increase aggressive thoughts, but these thoughts do not seem to lead to aggressive behaviors” (Ferguson, C., 2007 p. 3).
Violent video games can impact a person’s behavior, have positive effects and negative effects on adults or kids. If played correctly video games are used as leisure time entertainment but, when playing video games that involve violence some people tend to forget the game aren’t real. The positive effects of playing video games involves cognitive abilities enabling us to perceive and interact with our visual world. “Aggressive behavior has been overstated due to the negative effects of violent video games. When reviewing the popular games positive goals should be considered” (Ferguson, C., 2007 p. 1).

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