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The Effects Technology Has On Relationships Today

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Autumn McCollough
September 24, 2015
English 112-4172
The Effects of Technology has on Relationships Today
Today’s generation has lost the ability to interact with others face to face, instead of over social media, texting or via email. When people find a conversation dull or boring they begin to fiddle on their phone, scrolling through their Facebook news feed, drowning out the other person completely. Technology has taken over everybody’s lives in some way. Texting has become the only way people prefer to communicate. They feel it takes longer to pick up the phone, dial it and speak to someone. The main issues technology has caused are lack of interpersonal communication, loss ...view middle of the document...

(Schwartz) Being out of touch with people can be confusing and disorienting when trying to engage in an actual conversation amongst family or friends. It is common for those feelings to be present especially when a person uses technology so avidly.
People need to take time out of their day and have at least 3 face to face conversations to practice keeping up communication skills. Several high school and college students discussed feelings of isolation that have been well documented among frequent users of social media. (Schwartz) So not only is it today’s generation feeling the effects but teenagers and college students as well. College students have to use technology for school and homework. They also have to keep in contact with the instructor in case they have questions or concerns. College students have also begun turning in assignments online through a special website given to them by their instructors.
Today’s teens have all the fancy gadgets from Smartphones to Tablets. They feel in order to be popular in school or to fit in better; they have to have the next best thing. That isn’t so. Today’s teens need to realize that it isn’t the gadget they have that makes them popular; it is the fact that others see that they are agreeable and friendly. Teens have lost the ability to make friends without thinking that it all has to do with technology. There are 13 year olds that have Facebook and have over 500 friends but in all honesty, they only know 15 of them. Times have changed and so have the rules of technology. People have to keep in mind though that technology is ok to use as long as it is moderation. But what is most important is to have a connection to those around them.
Connection is one of the key issues regarding technology. People forget that in order to have a strong foundation for friendship and a bond with family members, you have to personally communicate with one another. When using technology such as texting, people cannot tell the other person’s emotion. When speaking to someone face to face, it is obvious whether they are mad, sad or happy by the look on their face and the tone with which they are speaking. People lose that when they feel technology is more important. With texting, people lose all sight of actual conversation and begin to use text talk or emoticons. Today’s generation have no real sense of what connecting is really about. Anyone can pick up the phone a choose to type a message into the text box but it takes true feelings and concern to actually dial someone and speak to them.
Malcolm Brynin wrote “One important implication of the Internet’s migration into homes and its predominant use for communication is that it could change people’s social interaction with their closest ties.” Having a strong connection with friends and family keeps people happy. It will be difficult for someone to establish a new friendship or a relationship with a significant other if they feel like they are...

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