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The Egg Drop Project Essay

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The Egg Drop Project
Each day we are faced with obstacles that require us to evaluate the current situation, set future goals, and establish a plan to achieve those goals. In the business world, this concept is known as strategy. According to the textbook, Crafting and Executing Strategy, individuals and companies of all shapes and sizes make decisions daily in an effort to rise over the competition, improve performance, and increase sales and revenue. The egg drop assignment gives us the opportunity to apply the concepts of forming a business strategy while competing against classmates in an entertaining event.
The assignment at hand consisted of constructing a container capable of ...view middle of the document...

The egg container was tested at various heights and did well. When dropped from approximately two stories, the egg did not survive the impact.
Another attempt was made by surrounding the egg with several layers of foam and large packing bubbles sealed with clear packing tape. This design was the size of a medium Styrofoam ball and weighed 72.3 grams without the egg. It was tested several times from different heights including 5 ft, 10 ft and 15 ft with success. However, in the actual classroom drop the experiment failed. It was dropped approximately twenty feet from the second story onto a concrete floor.
Our first attempt at building the container consisted of three sponges and some string. We chose peanut shaped car wash sponges that were approximately 2 ½ inches wide and 9 inches long. We hulled out a small hole in one of the sponges, just big enough to lay the egg in. The other two sponges were place around the sponge holding the egg in order to protect it. Once we stacked the sponges, we used the string to tie all three together where they would not come apart. We weighed our contraption without the egg and it was less than 150 grams and easily fit on a piece of notebook paper. We tested our product at the same campus building we used in class. To our excitement, our egg survived! Since the trial was successful, and the contraption met all of the construction requirements, we did not try any additional ideas.
The policy and strategy of many businesses can be compared to everyday life experiences in many ways. Often, the policy of a business is written out, given to each employee and it is expected that each person abide by this policy. Although the policy is known, the strategy in which the policy is enforced varies from person to person.
The policy and strategy of most businesses can be compared to the egg drop project that we recently completed in our class. This project required us to develop a product that would hold and protect an egg when dropped from a campus building. Once our product...

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