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The Elderly Population Essay

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According to the Collins dictionary, the term ‘elderly’ is associated with persons who are quite old or past middle age. In the Caribbean, the age of definition is mostly linked to 60 years old and over. However, the age variation takes into consideration the social class differences, gender, functional ability related to the workforce, the country’s political and economical situation, likewise the retirement age. This report is cemented on the elderly population in a corporate home in the Kingston and St. Andrew region and the National Council of Senior Citizens in Jamaica.
The Erickson’s stages of psychosocial development have two particular stages that refer to the elderly population. In ...view middle of the document...

The community also plays an integral role in the development and sustainability of the residents and clients affiliated with the homes and agencies.
In a corporate home for the aged in the Kingston and St. Andrew region of Jamaica, the professional title for the worker is known as the ‘social worker’. The mission of this home is to provide a facility that will promote the best care to be obtained in any senior citizens facility in Jamaica. Its vision is to create an environment that will facilitate the preservation of dignity, and the well-being of vulnerable senior citizens. In addition to its philosophy which is to provide a safe haven for the indigent population of Kingston and St. Andrew. This corporate home is also a limited liability company in the public sector, and as such its name is being withheld in this report as per agreement in the interview with the social worker.
There is one social worker in the social work department at this corporate home, with approximately four hundred and sixty-two (462) senior citizen residents at the facility. The client population at the home incorporates both male and female senior citizens, ages 30 to 50 in the minority group with majority of the population being over 60 years old. These residents are destitute with mental health conditions, deformity and other health related conditions to include but not limited to diabetes, hypertension and tuberculosis. There are also a few senior citizens who have been deported to Jamaica and had been admitted to this corporate home. Generally speaking, there are a few residents who have been living at the home for over 28 years.
There is also no direct admission to the facility. Hence, the admission protocol involves the corporate home partnering with the Poor Relief Department with the admission of new residents in the home. Persons who are admitted to the corporate home are residents whose family could no longer care for them or persons who were not able to live alone, and also due to the concerns of citizens, police officers or relatives who have submitted a report to the Poor Relief Department. Other instances include the senior citizens requesting admission into the homes. The corporate home is also free of cost with the government providing majority of the funds to facilitate electricity in the home coupled with water, food and housing. However, the facility has to find creative means for the up-keep of other resources.
The social worker serves in the capacity of a mediator, enabler, counselor, broker and therapist; however, she plays a dual role of a social worker and activity planner during her daily schedule. As a mediator, the social worker engages in conflict management among residents at the facility. There are eight (8) clusters at the home with each having approximately 10 rooms to accommodate 7 persons per room. With the individuality of each resident in the rooms, there are occasional clashes and issues that arise. As a result, the social worker...

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