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The election process
Friday March 8, 2013
THE general election machinery is set in motion as soon as Parliament is dissolved either automatically in five years after it’s first meeting or upon the Prime Minister advising the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to do so.
Since, the Dewan Rakyat’s first session after the 12th general election was on April 28, 2008, Parliament is set to automatically dissolve by April 28, 2013. And since under Article 55(4) of the Federal Constitution, polling must be held within 60 days dissolution, GE13 must take place by the June 2013. (SeeConstitutional posers for GE13, The Star, Aug 9, 2012)
Once Parliament is dissolved, the Election Commission must immediately ...view middle of the document...

No more objections
In the previous elections, contesting candidates were given an hour to raise objections to the eligibility of a candidate after the nomination period closed at 10am. However for the 13th General Election, the objection period has been done away with. (See EC: No more objection period during nominations, The Star, Dec 20, 2011)
After 10am, the RO will announce the names of the eligible candidates who will contest the seat and the parties they represent. The EC now forbids any candidate from withdrawing from contesting once their nomination has been accepted by the RO.
Previously a candidate could decide to pull out from contesting within three days after nomination day.
3. Election campaign
The campaigning period begins as soon as the eligible candidates on nomination day are announced and it officially ends at midnight before polling day. For GE13, the minimum campaigning periodhas been set at 10 days.
How much can a candidate spend on his election campaign?
The Election Offences Act 1954 stipulates that a parliamentary candidate can spend up to RM200,000 while a state constituency candidate is allowed RM100,000 in total election campaign expenditure.
Monitoring the election campaign
The conduct of candidates during the campaign period will be monitored by a special taskforce set up by the Election Commission and consists of an official appointed by the EC, a member of the police force with at least the rank of Inspector, local district representatives and representatives of the candidates or parties contesting.
The taskforce will ensure that the candidates comply with campaigning rules by taking down any campaign material that does not comply with the law, stop any illegal ceramah with the help of police, and generally monitor activities within their respective enforcement districts.
4. Polling
A. Advance voting
For the first time in the General Elections, an advance polling date has been introduced for the police and armed forces. According to the EC as of July 2012, there were about 260,000 registered military and police personnel and their spouses on the registered rolls of voters. (re: Advance voting system set to start, The Star, July 8)
The advance polling date will be held three days before the regular polling date. The polling centres will be at the Armed Forces camps or police stations.
The process will be similar to the regular voting process and at the end of the polling...

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