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The Electric Car One Of The Greatest Inventions Of The Century

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The electric car was one of the greatest developments of the last century. With this new technology, people have the ability to choose an environmentally friendly form of transportation that will also save them money on gas. The development of these cars will change the future of transportation.Carbon dioxide emissions from gas cars have made a serious impact on the ozone layer and global warming. The release of carbon dioxide from cars has done a great deal to deplete the ozone layer. Because it is a greenhouse gas ...view middle of the document...

A change is needed to stop this damage. People will see that electric cars are the best way to help our environment.Gas prices are on the rise and oil reservoirs are being depleted. A major reason for this is poor management in developing countries. Out of date equipment and technology being used by countries with weak management of their oil drilling programs are wasting massive amounts of oil. As gas continues to become less abundant people will have to find an alternate way of fueling cars. The electric car is a great choice for the future because gas cars will become too expensive to uphold.The electric car is not yet fully comparable to the gas car. It cannot reach high speeds and it does not have the power of a gas car. As technology improves, the electric car will be similar to the gas car in most aspects. When this happens it will increase in popularity and more people will be buying it.The electric car is the car of the future. As technology on the electric car develops the electric car will become increasingly popular. It will save the earth from a lot of pollution and carbon dioxide emission. It will also save the consumer from the rising prices of gas, making it one of the greatest developments of the past century.

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