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The End Of Men Essay

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The article "The End of Men" was written by Hanna Rosin, a noted English journalist, who among others has written for The New Yorker. " She has several times written about women's equality, and she is also cofounder of a woman's website. The text is an article published in "The Atlantic" in 2010. In the article Hanna Rosin mentions the increasing number of women, not just in the labor market in general, but particularly in dedicated management posts. She also refers to women's increasing pride in their own sex, and how more and more parents who can choose, choose to get a girl. She writes this article on the basis of a new study that now shows that women are in majority in the labor market ...view middle of the document...

Later, says Rosin that Ericsson now just laugh at his old beliefs. He might see that more and more parents opted to have girl children, and that he even begun to talk about the women soon overtake men. But still with a humorous perspective. In this way, Hanna Rosin shown that even the most hard-boiled male chauvinist, even now beginning to see women as the leading sex in terms of education and the professional world.
Hanna Rosin is good at using statistics, but without being overly complicated. She uses them just to confirm her claims, and without going further into the figures. This gives an effect that everyone can participate and that you do have to read a whole lot of graphs and charts just to understand the meaning.
Hanna also uses both anecdotes and historical references when she has to prove its claims. She has written that Ericsson has told about his own grandchildren. When he tells about them he describes the girl as a clever and beautiful girl, which contrast the boys cannot really get their act...

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